• September 11, 2013
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Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Hails Tuesday Women Mass Demonstrations

Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Hails Tuesday Women Mass Demonstrations

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance salutes the masses of the Egyptian people rejecting the coup who rose in revolt Tuesday (September 10) in the women’s million-man mass marches in defense of pride, dignity and honor, and in rejection of barbaric practices against Egypt’s women and girls by the putschists’ security forces, who arrest them on false charges, humiliate and even murder them in cold blood. The Alliance pays special tribute to the honorable women and girls who participated positively in Tuesday’s peaceful revolt.

Men and women of Egypt came out and said “No to military abuses and violations against girls and women who participated in peaceful protests against the bloody coup”… “No to killing mothers, or arresting young girls, the flowers of chastity who are thrown in dark cells behind bars just because they expressed their opinions courageously, in nonviolent demonstrations”.

On Tuesday, millions of students – male and female, turned out raising the slogan "Against the coup” and “Egypt’s women, a red line”.

Egypt’s women descended on the streets saying it loud and clear: “We will have no fear; we will not back down… Neither the jailers nor the snipers’ bullets will scare us”.

The Alliance calls on revolutionaries all over Egypt – young and old, men and women, to continue the siege against the coup, escalating civil disobedience, and getting the message through to all society, opening the eyes of all citizens to the damage and the dangers of the coup and the disastrous results already evident throughout the homeland, as the coup commanders and collaborators lay to waste both the homeland and the people, destroying the whole society in the process, and leading the nation to the abyss.

The Alliance also rejects repressive practices adopted and carried out by the putschists to break the will of the Egyptian people and to exterminate the revolution in its entirety, killing its heroes and jailing its great icons.

The Alliance rejects the putschists’ barbaric practices, including the mindless military operations in the Sinai, the killing of innocent citizens, the abuse of their dignity, and demolition of their homes – in the name of fighting terrorism.

The Alliance further denounces attacks on peaceful protesters during Tuesday’s nonviolent events, both by hired thugs working for the coup’s security apparatus, as happened in the march of young people against the coup in Talaat Harb Square in central Cairo, and by army units who shot live bullets into crowds in Bir-Al-Abed demonstration in North Sinai, which resulted in the deaths of three martyrs and the wounding of dozens.

As the putschists relentlessly continue their inhuman crimes and violations against the rights of all Egyptian people, the Alliance condemns the continuing trials of civilian opponents of the coup before military courts, the gross injustice dealt to anti-coup judges who support constitutional legitimacy, the persistent hunt and prosecution of those pro-democracy judges, ongoing preparations to lift those judge’s immunity, and the continued maneuvers to impede the work of lawyers during interrogations with supporters of electoral legitimacy, as well as conducting those investigations in illegal circumstances and places.

The unspeakable evil of the coup leaders is being revealed with the passage of every day. Their intentions are evident in the iron grip they are tightening on the homeland, crushing the Egyptian people and suppressing their freedoms, working only to establish a State of injustice and tyranny, not a state of institutions, law and order.

The putschists’ repressive measures now include granting powers of arrest to university security personnel and even ordinary employees in some establishments, which certainly helps the re-emergence of the police state that the January 25, 2011 Revolution eliminated.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: September 10, 2013