• November 20, 2015
  • 7 minutes read

Egypt Anti-Coup Politicians Call on All Patriots to Turn Out for Decisive Protest Wave

Egypt Anti-Coup Politicians Call on All Patriots to Turn Out for Decisive Protest Wave
Anger is growing, with pain and blood everywhere, in Alexandria and Beheira where people died, suffered heavy losses in daily flooding of their homes and businesses, where the poor have no rights. Anger is growing in queues, where people fight to buy their fuel in gasoline stations, in towns and cities where people have their electricity and water cut off for days, weeks and even months in major provinces.

Anger is rising in the demands, strikes and escalating protests, in the collapsed economy, rocketing high prices, low wages, poor production capacities, the failing Stock Exchange, the all-sweeping inflation, the gigantic deficit in the budget, the fast-declining foreign reserves, and the unprecedented unemployment rate.

Anger is reaching boiling point because of the cold-blooded extrajudicial killings of innocent people in homes, prisons and places of detention, because of the merciless enforced disappearances, the rapes and systematic torture, which affected even children, women, youths, the elderly, the sick and invalids.

Anger is reaching dangerous proportions for the destruction of the Sinai and the demolition of homes by coup forces, for the displacement of tens of thousands of innocent people, for the deterioration – indeed, even total loss – of security, and the infiltration by so-called terrorists that caused bombings in the capital Cairo and the blowing up of foreign aircraft on our territory, departing from one of our airports.

Anger is reaching its Zenith as Egypt’s sovereignty is trampled and our national security is violated after the junta regime’s failure to secure the Sinai and visiting tourists.

Anger is reaching critical mass because of the junta compromising of our rights in Nile waters, the failure to address the issue of the Renaissance Dam, the compromising of our rights to the latest Mediterranean gas discoveries, and the signing of unfair agreements with international companies including giving up the rights of future generations to their country’s wealth.

For all those disasters and crises, for all the martyrs, for more than 40,000 detainees – the steadfast honorable Egyptians incarcerated with vengeful unjust sentences and threatened with the death penalty, including Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first elected civilian president, and for the hope for a state that protects – not tortures – its people, protects – not undermines – national security, builds – not subverts – justice, dignity and respect for the law…

As the month of revolution and change approaches, we call on all Egyptians, the dynamic youth of the January 2011 Revolution, all the patriotic and revolutionary movements, groups and entities – inside and outside Egypt – who wish to make a change, to reject the regime of repression, corruption and tyranny, to take the initiative, join hands and cooperate for a huge popular protest wave to save the country from the catastrophic, tragic effects of those disasters and policies of the reckless junta and its military-run regime who gamble with our homeland, its fate and future.

We call on all patriots to work together to break the barrier of fear, to expand the scope of popular – not only elitist – participation on the ground, to end the oppressive murderous military rule, and pave the way for a comprehensive change for the people, their rights and their independent free will.

We call for a powerful wave of revolutionary protest that opens the doors of hope and supports the weak and the oppressed. This new and decisive wave will rely on the youth of the Revolution and their ingenuity in forming teams, groups and umbrella entities that expose the repressive regime’s real weakness and disgrace.

We call for a revolutionary wave based on principles, to achieve the goals of the January 2012 Revolution… a wave of change that will exact retribution for the blood of all the innocent, without discrimination, and uphold human values ​​and rights of all the people, whatever their affiliation, color and sex.

We are both hopeful and confident that the people will not rest or retreat until the Revolution achieves its objectives, sooner or later.


From Cairo and other governorates: Names withheld for security reasons.

From abroad: Dr. Ayman Nour, Dr. Tharwat Nafie, Hatem Azzam, Dr. Seif Abdel-Fattah, Dr. Tariq Al-Zomar, the poet Abdel-Rahman Youssef, Dr. Amr Darrag, Dr. Mohamed Mahsoub, Yehya Hamed.