• January 14, 2016
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt Anti-Coup Youth Groups Mobilize for January 25 Revolution Restart

Egypt Anti-Coup Youth Groups Mobilize for January 25 Revolution Restart
January 25, 2011 was the start of realization of a dream to make Egypt a strong country, with all its people enjoying a decent life, strong institutions and comprehensive services that lift the suffering of all citizens – a just state in which we all enjoy full freedom to express our opinions and our ideas.

Five years went by since that day, eventful years filled with highs and lows – during which the Revolution achieved partial victories when all its men and women moved as one behind common objectives, and then the counter-revolution gathered strength as it implement its plan to split the Revolution and pounce on its men and women. Still events continue, accelerating all the while.

On the fifth anniversary of that start, we – the youth groups of Egypt – wish to say it loud and clear: that dream never died. It will not die. Our resolve has not weakened. We have learnt from our mistakes. We have become more determined to continue our Revolution and to achieve its objectives.

The blood of the martyrs that flowed every day over the past years to water the tree of freedom simply made us more determined to tread the anti-coup path to the end. The steadfastness of thousands of detainees in prisons means we have to learn the lesson and launch a new start.

Five years have passed, during which our Revolution suffered a lot of dispersions and an absence of visions. It also suffered certain ‘elites’ who only succeed in weakening the Revolution and breaking its ranks. Thus, we all are now paying the price. However, we hope everyone has learned an important lesson, and is ready for a moment of reconsideration.

We – as youth groups of Egypt – announce the start of our endeavors to commemorate the Revolution. January was the beginning for the realization of our patriotic dream. We still hold onto that dream. We are still determined to achieve that hope. We will not relinquish our rights or the rights of our martyrs.

We call on all groups, movements, alliances and coalitions to participate in our actions under the objectives of January 25, 2011.

The Revolution will not die. Its young men and women still continue the non-violent struggle, whatever the challenges. We call on all the men and women of the Revolution to reconsider their positions and build a common vision to break the counter-revolution and build a safe stable homeland that embraces all its citizens and brings all criminals to justice.

Egyptian Youth Groups

Cairo: Wednesday – January 13, 2016