Egypt Arresting Brotherhood Students In Recent Crackdown

Egypt Arresting Brotherhood Students In Recent Crackdown

Students from Cairo University are demonstrating on behalf of classmates who were arrested for their ties to the banned political group, the Muslim Brotherhood. Numerous students affiliated with the Islamic organization have been arrested in recent weeks.

Ali Barakat, a student arrested earlier this week, was detained as he was trying to enter the school in order to participate in the celebration of the new school year. The Muslim Brotherhood”s official website confirmed the arrest of Barakat and added that on the same day of his arrest, the University police security assaulted several students as they were trying to enter.

Cairo University, the oldest general university in Egypt, founded in 1908, has launched investigations into 122 students, linked to the Brotherhood.

Helwan University, another public university in the capital, has suspended 44 students. Other universities are following these examples, with 23 at Monofiya University and 17 under investigation at Ein Shams university, the Brotherhood”s website reported.

Some students are under investigation for charges such as “putting up decorations for the holy month of Ramadan.”