• March 16, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt Arts Academy Bans Film Suspected as Brotherhood Production

Egypt Arts Academy Bans Film Suspected as Brotherhood Production

A young Egyptian movie producer was the victim of what he called oppression and harassment by the Academy of Arts after his first film, entitled ‘Altaqrir’ (The Report) – one of the ‘Nahda (Renaissance) Cinema’ productions – was banned, when some critics described his 45-minute short movie as a Muslim Brotherhood production and threatened to organize a protest rally to prevent it from being shown in movie theaters.

According to Altaqrir’s young producer Ezzedin Dowidar, Nahda Cinema’s declared objectives are to "support and develop art varieties of novel and different kinds based on the ethical standards of the Egyptian society and stem from characteristics and ingredients of civilization and cultural life."

Dowidar said: "The presentation ceremony for the film was banned in all theaters throughout Egypt. Moreover, the Academy of Arts canceled the contract with the film-crew late in the evening Wednesday, though the show was scheduled for Thursday.

"A relentless campaign was launched against the film in hostile newspapers, websites and satellite TV channels. Intense pressures were exerted on the management of the Academy of Arts to cancel the show, while some called for demonstrations to prevent showing of the film and to cause riots. The Academy succumbed easily to pressure."

Dowidar stressed that, "Neither I, nor the film-crew will surrender to this repression and discrimination. In any case, banning a film that expresses a unique independent youth experience is the epitome of injustice, oppression and hypocrisy. We will not tolerate that. We will not bow to threats, even if we have to show the film in the street".