Egypt Brotherhood calls on government, rebels to stop fighting

Egypt Brotherhood calls on government, rebels to stop fighting

Egypt’s Brotherhood has called on the government and the Houthi rebels to stop the fighting in northern Yemen and urged them to provide safe routes to help relief agencies to reach the affected people.

Calling on President Ali Abdullah Saleh to order the army to stop operations in Saada and Amran, respond to calls over the matter, and thrash out the fighting to solve the crisis peacefully, the Muslim movement, furthermore, called on the rebels to hand their weapons and respect ceasefires to stop bloodshed.

In a statement posted on its website, the movement also urged the Arab League to assume its responsibility over the fighting in the north of Yemen before a real disaster shoves the country into failure.

Denying military action to tackle crises as well as that movements or individuals fight governments, the movement urged a return to Islam, the constitution and effective law to pull out of the crisis, which has displaced more than 150.000 people so far.

“The fighting sides should make up their minds and and find a solution for the fighting. They should have taken advantage of the holy month and Eid to do so.”

The announcement comes as confrontations between the army and the insurgents continue with each side vowing to go on with violence until the other is cleansed.