Egypt Brotherhood Urgently Condemns Assad Use of Deadly Poisonous Gas Against Syrians

Egypt Brotherhood Urgently Condemns Assad Use of Deadly Poisonous Gas Against Syrians

With deep sadness, the Muslim Brotherhood regrets the daily massacres of Syrians by the ruling regime in Damascus, which have so far claimed the lives of more than thirty thousand Martyrs, not to mention tens of thousands of detainees and tortured citizens.

The Brotherhood also watches with deep sadness the millions of Syrians tragically displaced to neighboring countries, and the devastation and destruction of hundreds of towns and villages; and expresses its deep regret and sorrow and condemnation of these tragedies that surpass the crimes of Hulagu and Nero.

Today, Assad’s regime has reportedly resorted to a dramatic escalation in the war against the Syrian people by using chemical weapons. Evidently, this indicates the failure of the regime to face the revolting Syrian people.

This development threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of unarmed Syrian citizens. Moreover, it provides an excuse for foreign powers for military intervention in Syria, as happened in Iraq.

This further threatens to tear Syria apart, with sectarian sedition and civil wars within the country, so it would fall into an endless abyss, from which it may never rise again.

The Muslim Brotherhood warns of serious repercussions, and rejects any foreign intervention in Syria. The Brotherhood strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons against the people; indeed it does condemn use of any kind of weapon against them.

After more than forty years of injustice, oppression and corruption, the repressive regime must listen to and obey popular will – and leave. No ruling regime can ever rest on the skulls and the blood and body parts of its citizens and the ruins of its cities and villages. No throne will ever deserve the destruction of a whole country and the extermination of its people.

We urgently call on all officials in Arab and Muslim countries as well as international organizations to shoulder their responsibility and promptly stop this aggression. We reject initiatives that aim to keep this regime in office until 2014. The situation cannot bear such leniency and callousness.

The Messenger of God, peace be upon him, warned us of taking lives, saying: "The demise of the world is
easier for God than the unlawful taking of one believer’s life".

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – December 24, 2012