Egypt clears opposition leader in bribery case

Egypt clears opposition leader in bribery case
Egypt’s attorney general cleared firebrand opposition leader Ayman Nur in a bribery case, easing the pressure on the embattled politician ahead of parliamentary polls.

But the 40-year-old MP and Ghad (Tomorrow) party leader still faces separate charges of forging documents for the creation of his party over which he was remanded in custody for six weeks earlier this year.

Attorney General Maher Abdul Wahid said he was dropping the bribery case against Nur for lack of evidence.

Nur was accused of involvement in a case in which Ayman Barakat, a lawyer working in his office, allegedly bribed an innocent man, Ashraf Mansur, to go to jail instead of another man, Walid al-Gilda.

Barakat allegedly paid Mansur 15,000 pounds (2,610 dollars) to impersonate Gilda, who was suspected of having forged documents for an unspecified chamber of commerce. Gilda’s uncle, Imad, is an MP from the ruling party.

Prosecutors questioned Nur in September over his alleged involvement in the scandal, but stopped short of bringing any charges against him.

Abdul Wahid indicted Barakat, Mansur and Gilda and ordered them to stand trial at a criminal court in the Delta town of Banha.

Nur’s trial on forgery charges, which he claims were trumped up to torpedo his political rise, continues on November 26.