• November 19, 2012
  • 3 minutes read

Egypt Continues Fight at United Nations for Myanmar Muslims Rights

Egypt Continues Fight at United Nations for Myanmar Muslims Rights

The permanent delegation representing Egypt at the United Nations in Geneva attended a meeting of the ambassadors of the Islamic bloc and discussed how it should respond to the continued human rights abuses targeting Myanmar Muslims.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that the bloc should continue to implement the proposals to form a small working group, at professional expert level, to closely monitor the human rights situation in general and the rights of Muslims in particular, in Myanmar.

It was also agreed that the bloc should coordinate efforts between delegates of Muslim countries in Geneva and the Islamic Group in New York, with regard to the wording of the draft resolution on Myanmar in the United Nations’ General Assembly, so the resolution would be phrased in strong terms that reflect the dreadful atrocities and gross violations Rohingya Muslims are subjected to, and would represent an important reference framework to build on, in preparation for broader action.

The Permanent Representatives of Muslim countries in Geneva are now working on procedures to quickly stop the egregious violations committed against Rohingya Muslims.

The representatives contacted the High Commissioner for Human Rights to issue a statement condemning these events, and contacted the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Secretary General to express the aspiration of Muslim countries’ Permanent Representatives in Geneva to conduct a full inspection visit to Myanmar to find out the real situation on the ground and support Muslims who moved out in that region.