Egypt court frees 11 Muslim Brotherhood members jailed after judiciary protests

An Egyptian appeals court ruled Monday that 11 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood [party website; FAS backgrounder] jailed since May after participating in pro-judicial independence protests [JURIST report] earlier this year should be released from detention [MB News report]. Detainees [JURIST report] ordered released include top Brotherhood members Issam al-Arian and Mohamed Morsi. Over 500 protesters were arrested during demonstrations in May and 80 Muslim Brotherhood members remain in custody.

The protesters were most immediately demonstrating against disciplinary hearings [JURIST report] held by Egypt’s highest court for two judges over their criticism of parliamentary elections [JURIST report] last year, which they and eight other judges claimed were marred by fraud. In May, a panel reprimanded one of the judges and cleared the other [JURIST report]. The protestors also objected to Egypt’s emergency laws [EOHR backgrounder], which in April were extended for two years [JURIST report] after the protests began. The Daily Star has more.