• November 14, 2015

Egypt Day Against Murder in Prisons, Detention Centers

Egypt Day Against Murder in Prisons, Detention Centers

One full year has passed since the death of Dr. Tarek Ghandour, Professor of Dermatology in Ain Shams University, inside his cell as a result of medical negligence, and because prison administration prevented him from receiving treatment.

A whole year has passed, and there are still families that suffer as their loved ones languish in junta prisons amid total medical negligence that can only be described as premeditated murder.

One year has passed, but junta’s public prosecutor has not moved a finger, has not shown any interest, has not opened an investigation into the causes of Dr. Ghandour’s death in detention, nor the death of hundreds of other detainees who were similarly denied life-saving medical treatment in various prisons – until they died. The perpetrators never received well-deserved punishment, nor were they ever put on trial.

Dr. Tarek Ghandour was arrested a year before his death, charged with protesting (peacefully) without a license. He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. Then, his condition deteriorated in prison. In spite of the many requests made to the Public Prosecution Service for a medical examination of Dr. Ghandour, and other requests for his release due to the deterioration of his health conditions, all requests were rejected.

The past two years have witnessed the death of more than 320 detainees as a result of medical negligence. This is premeditated murder by preventing detainees from receiving needed medical treatment.

On this anniversary, the Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms (ECRF) designates a Day Against Murder in Egyptian prisons, whether by torture, medical negligence or any other way or form. Every detainee and prisoner has a list of rights stipulated in the Constitution and Egyptian law as well as international conventions.

ECRF calls on the Interior Ministry to comply with the law, by allowing regular medical examinations of prisoners and detainees, and transferring those whose condition worsens to equipped hospital until their health stabilizes.

ECRF appeals to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to open urgent investigations into all cases of death inside prisons and detention centers, so as to reduce the phenomenon of mass murder inside prisons as a result of medical negligence. Certainly, the public prosecutor carries full responsibility for safeguarding the lives of all detainees.

We appeal to all human rights organizations for solidarity with us in the designation of an annual day against murder in prisons and detention centers.

Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms

Cairo: Thursday – November 12, 2015