Egypt denies US aid in steel wall construction

Egypt denies US aid in steel wall construction

 The spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Hossam Zaki, denied any American role in funding the construction of the steel wall that Egypt plans to build along its border with the Gaza Strip. He stressed that the United States has “nothing to do with the construction of this wall,” indicating that the wall is being built by the funds of the Egyptian government.

Zaki defended in an Interview with the “BBC” Arabic Channel, Egypt’s right to defend its borders against the “abusers and violators” of the law, denying reports about Egypt’s tightening of the siege on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, after an Egyptian plan to combat smuggling tunnels in Sinai, because “there are legal crossings and laws to enter Egypt and no one can compromise the security of the border.”

He stressed during the interview that Egypt is still the true defender of Palestinian rights to have their own independent State, away from the violations committed against the Palestinian people by Israeli forces.


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