Egypt forces its MPs to enter Gaza on foot, empty handed

Egypt forces its MPs to enter Gaza on foot, empty handed

The trucks which were stopped various time on the way to Rafah for so-called “security reasons.” were eventually seized and barred from entry into the Palestinian land

The MPs staged a 24 hour sit-in at the borders gates urging the Egyptian authorities to intervene especially since the permission was granted by the People’s Assembly speaker Dr. Fathy Sorour. The Convoy members had no choice but to enter the Strip on foot empty handed

Muslim Brotherhood MP Mohamed Beltagi asserted that the journey was filled with obstacles, however, nothing would deter the delegates from delivering the message that they fully supported the Gazans who have suffered three years of injustices as a result of the Israeli blockade

Egyptian officials claimed they were not authorized to hand over construction materials to the Gazans since the United Nations Relief (UNRWA) is the only entity permitted to do so. Israel claims that constuction material can be used by Hamas to build bunkers and rocket launchers

Egypt has recently opened the Rafah border till further notice in response to international pressure as a result the Israeli massacre on the high seas, which took place early last week against the Freedom Flotilla