Egypt installs cameras, censors on borders with Gaza

Egypt installs cameras, censors on borders with Gaza

Egypt has begun installing cameras and motion sensors along its border with the Gaza Strip to try to combat smuggling to the Hamas-run territory, security sources said on Saturday.

The sources said that the installation started two days earlier with the help of American, French and German experts, and added the installation was the first phase in installing an advanced monitoring system.

The USA had pledged 32 million dollars to provide high-tech equipment that would help detect tunnels along the Egyptian-Palestinian borders and assigned its engineering corps to assist the Egyptian authority in this operation.

Tunnels have turned into a vital source for providing foodstuff and other goods for the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza after all crossings of the Strip including the Rafah terminal with Egypt were closed since mid 2007 following Hamas”s control of the Strip.

Israel claims that Palestinian resistance factions were using those tunnels to smuggle weapons and urged the USA and Europe to take appropriate measures to monitor and block arms smuggling into Gaza.