• October 20, 2015
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Egypt Legitimate Parliament Statement to Egyptian People on Coup Sham Elections

Egypt Legitimate Parliament Statement to Egyptian People on Coup Sham Elections

The Egyptian Parliament abroad convened a meeting of its General Committee, attended by all members on Monday, October 19, 2015. MPs praised the significant role of the Egyptian people and their determined stance against the floundering military-appointed regime, which has achieved nothing of what it promised the people. They noted that even sectors that accepted the coup and claimed the junta was their Savior shunned the elections.

We certainly respect and appreciate that broad and popular boycott of the coup parliamentary elections farce despite the junta’s desperate attempts, persistent pressures and the murderous general’s begging and pleading with the people. This boycott reflects only one fact: the coup and its cronies have no legitimacy, nor popularity.

Real legitimacy was granted by the will of the people in five fair democratic elections that gave Egypt its first civilian President, national Constitution and elected constitutional institutions.

We thank the Egyptian people, in general, and Egyptian youth, in particular.

Furthermore, the Egyptian Parliament abroad approved, with a two-thirds majority, to issue the following laws:

I: Law No. 1 for the year 2015 – to establish the Egyptian Official Gazette to publish laws passed by the Egyptian Parliament abroad.

II: Law No. 2 for the year 2015 – to affirm the invalidity of all acts and laws and administrative decisions of any kind or origin, as well as material or financial business, issued or signed by the coup regime, including constitutional decrees, the Constitution, decisions or decrees passed as laws, conventions and treaties – whatever form they take or name they are given, and all that would establish obligations or rights for anyone to loans or debt or demarcation of borders, for the entire period from July 3, 2013 until the ultimate defeat of the military coup.

In conclusion, the legitimate Egyptian Parliament calls on the Egyptian people and the revolutionary and political forces to unite and close ranks until the military junta’s ouster.

We renew our pledge to protect the interests of the people and the homeland until the restoration of freedom and the democratic path, no matter what this will cost us or the sacrifices we will have to make.

Long live Egypt and the Egyptian people – free and proud… never accepting injustice

Victory for the Revolution

"They say: ‘When will that be?’ Say: ‘Sooner than you think’!" (Quran 17:51).

Egyptian Parliament Abroad

Tuesday – October 20, 2015