• October 10, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

Egypt Military Junta Executes in 3 Years More Egyptians Than Previous 100 Years

Egypt Military Junta Executes in 3 Years More Egyptians Than Previous 100 Years

 The Arab Observatory for the Freedom of the Media (AOFM) appeals to all governments and international organizations concerned with human rights and the protection of the right to life to pressure the Egyptian regime to implement a moratorium on the death penalty against political opponents, a punishment Egyptian authorities has been using excessively through court processes that lack the minimum requirements of a fair trial, and in the absence of all legal guarantees, something which all human rights organizations concerned have affirmed unanimously.

On the World Day Against the Death Penalty, AOFM confirms that more than 1879 death sentence issued against opponents of the regime are clear evidence of the failure of the justice system and its subservience to the executive authority, especially that those provisions were issued in just three years, while the previous 100 years witnessed a lot less death sentences and executions: the whole century had 1470 death sentences, of which only 2 were actually implemented.

AOFM condemns the excessive expansion and escalation by the Egyptian judiciary in issuing those death sentences, including many journalists. Four reporters were sentenced to death in the so-called "Collaborating with Qatar" case, in addition to the death penalty ruling against journalist Walid Shalabi, in the supposed "Rabaa Operations Room" case. This issue requires urgent action from all civil society organizations, bodies and institutions to stop the implementation of those execution rulings and save the journalists and all those sentenced to death by the intensely politicized judiciary.

AOFM confirms its full solidarity with the "Stop Egypt Executions" (إعدام وطن) campaign, which has been re-launched to stop the implementation of the death penalty against political prisoners in Egypt due to the lack of international standards of justice in those provisions, and appeals to all local and international civil society organizations to support the campaign to pressure the junta to respect the right to life as a fundamental human rights stipulated in the international Covenant on Human Rights and all international agreements.