Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Hussein: No Safe Exit for Coup Criminals, Collaborators

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Hussein: No Safe Exit for Coup Criminals, Collaborators

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood, made the following statement – about the deteriorating situation in Egypt:

First: The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its complete commitment to wresting the rights of the Egyptian people in full from the usurping military junta. The group will remain committed to continuing the January 25 (2011) Revolution till victory and to reclaiming its constitutional gains and the democratic path, to retribution for the martyrs, detainees, the wounded and those still missing, and to the goals of the Revolution: bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity – in addition to saving the army and other State institutions from the recklessness of the military junta.

Second: The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that it was not, and will never be, a party to any farce that undermines the future of the homeland and the people. It asserts that it has no interest in participating in the intrigue of the suspicious media campaigns that seek to help criminals escape real justice. Moreover, the Brotherhood is not a party to any so-called initiative that does not lead to a comprehensive and just solution to achieve all the goals of the Revolution and the aspirations of the people of Egypt, reclaiming for Egypt its well-deserved status among world nations, for Egyptians their usurped rights, for the misled their senses, and for justice its real merit. The Muslim Brotherhood will never grant the murderers a safe exit. It will not allow any criminal to escape justice. It will never compromise the rights of the people or the victims of the repressive junta and its illegitimate coup.

Third: The Muslim Brotherhood affirms that it participated in the development of a comprehensive vision to save the country from disaster of junta rule, and to provide an integrated just solution and a dependable roadmap within the strategic vision announced by the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in November 2013.

The group is in continuous communication and consultation with the partners of the Revolution concerning all the new changes on the scene, within the framework of fundamentals and principles of the revolutionary movement and shifts in the regional and international situation.

Fourth: The Muslim Brotherhood affirms that it will continue the escalating revolutionary defiance until victory. It will remain steadfast in its clear stance regarding the peaceful approach of gradual change to which it is committed, and for which it does not accept no alternative.

The group further stresses that those who belong among its ranks must commit to its approach and chosen path. If, however, they choose for themselves different goals or approaches, they no longer belong to the group, and the group is not bound by whatever they say.

Fifth: The military junta’s total failure, which it invariably tries to blame on alleged terrorism or the Muslim Brotherhood, is an indication of the rampant corruption suffered by Egypt as a result of military rule over sixty years, and the success of the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi in the administration of the country.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General