Egypt Muslim Brotherhood: Aleppo Burns Amid World Silence, Complicity

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood: Aleppo Burns Amid World Silence, Complicity

 Evil and dark days in the history of mankind are being made in cold blood by the brutal Russian military machine in Aleppo with US support and Iranian cooperation, amid a most shameful silence from the West, which constantly fervently preached human rights, peoples’ right to self-determination and the right to life.

Evil forces allied against the Syrian people and launched a murderous military campaign that began with the total torching of Aleppo, the great historic Syrian city, and churned on to exterminate the people, burning trees and stones alike across Syria, only because the people rose up demanding their freedom and liberation from the criminal sectarian regime they suffered bitterly for almost half a century. Meanwhile, the world community allied with the evil regime to crush the people and even kill them all – men and women and children, throwing aside all human values and principles.

They have imposed a harsh blockade on the city to prevent any humanitarian aid to survivors dying of hunger and thirst. They have also banned any military assistance, so the people must remain prey to genocide massacres by Russian-Iranian forces allied with the despotic Assad regime.

Absurdly, the United Nations and its Secretary General, as well as international human rights organizations, remain silent – an indication of their complicity in the burning of Aleppo and its people. Meanwhile, the Arab and Muslim world is in a state of paralysis. The Syrian people have no-one but God the Almighty on their side.

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the ongoing genocide and inhuman atrocities against the Syrian people, and denounces the Russian, Iranian and Assad horrific crimes and massacres, as well as the complicity of the world community and the shameful silence by the Arab and Muslim world.

The Muslim Brotherhood exhorts Arab and Muslim peoples to rise up and declare their solidarity and support for the Syrian people, and demands demonstrators across Egypt’s streets and squares raise the banners of solidarity with the Syrian people struggling, so the whole world can hear they are outraged at the genocide of the Muslim people who simply want a better life in freedom and dignity.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Saturday – April 30, 2016