Egypt Muslim Brotherhood: War on Terror Truth and Myth

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood: War on Terror Truth and Myth

 Oppressors have always resorted to fabricating charges to slap onto their victims, their prey, to make-believe that those were being punished for some evil they had done, thus avoiding accusations of injustice or oppression.

Lately, the West raised the "anti-terrorism" slogan as a pretext for repeated and vicious aggressions against the Muslim world, in order to divide it and occupy Muslim countries, thus hiding the truth – the evil nature of its atrocities and aggressions.

Until now, the definition of ‘terrorism’ remains elusive. In fact, ‘terrorism’ has become the charge commonly used by the West against anyone it finds unfavorable, anyone it wants to demonize, or to wage an unjust and relentless war against. Terrorism is the smokescreen behind which Islam and Muslims are fought vindictively.

Can the worst sponsor of terror fight terrorism?

The American thinker Fukuyama said that the West’s current conflict is not simply against terrorism, but against the fundamentalist Islamic faith that stands against Western modernity and against the secular state. Adding that this ideology represents a greater threat than communism, he suggested that what is required is a war within Islam to make it accept Western modernity, secularism and the Christian doctrine or principle: "Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God".

It is strange that the US, which claims to be the country that loathes and fights terror the most, is the in fact the worst country that perpetrated most atrocities and created terrorism since it was founded.

The US wiped out a whole nation (tens of millions of Red Indians). The US is the only country that ever used nuclear bombs, despite the fact that Japan was on the verge of surrendering. The US occupied and destroyed Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, where it killed millions. The US toppled popular civil regimes with bloody military coups in many countries. The US supported dictatorial regimes against their own people. The US provides limitless support to Zionist occupation and terror.

Then, regimes created by the West, supported by America, which they obeyed in subservience and submission, followed its example. Those regimes accused of terrorism all patriotic national and Islamic groups and parties that demanded dignity and refused subservience and dependency, in order to elicit sympathy and support of the West with their repressive rule. At the same time, they used terror as a scarecrow for their own people, so – misguided – the people would not object to victimization, corruption and dictatorship.

To accuse anyone of terrorism, there  need to be violent acts to convince people that there is terrorism across the country.

This is achieved by repressive regimes in one of two ways: They may double their oppression, injustice, murder, imprisonment, torture and rape, until some, especially youths, lose control, committing one or two acts of violence. These would readily be focused on and amplified by the powerful military-controlled media machine to persuade the general public that there is indeed a huge danger of terrorism. Then, the regime would let loose their now-justified oppression and state terrorism, until the opposition completely vanishes and the regime monopolizes power.

Alternatively, repressive regimes may have state security and intelligence agencies set up, train, arm and equip their own terror groups or organizations. Then, they send them out to execute acts of terror they can quickly blame onto, eg, Islamists and Islamic groups, even if those Islamists are totally and exclusively committed to peaceful action and activity.

Strange organizations and suspicious movements:

In fact, such regimes did not stop at setting up local terrorist organizations allied to them. Recently, huge cross-border organization appeared on the scene. These possess advanced weapons and a lot of money. They attract fanatic youths with little understanding or awareness. They raise slogans of Islam, but apply extreme ideas and act with extreme cruelty and brutality, thus distorting the image of Islam.

This gives the enemies of Islam a pretext, an excuse for a new intervention in Muslim countries, to divide and destroy the homelands and kills the people.

This is what is happening now with the emergence of the radical organization called ‘Daesh’, which swept away regular armies in a strangely rapid and dramatic manner, and seized swathes of territory and cities in Iraq and Syria, ruthlessly killing all opponents along the way.

Then, the US called for an international coalition against this organization, gathering together forty countries. The US foreign secretary held a conference in Jeddah, attended by nine Arab countries and Turkey, to address this serious terror threat. We, the people of this region, do not know who is behind this organization, supporting and inciting its actions. We do not know what is intended with it, either.

However, we see signs of a fierce war being forced upon Muslim Arabs, to fight against Muslim Arabs. We see thousands being killed, money wasted in billions, and great chaos and destruction prevailing in the region. We fear further fragmentation of the Muslim world according to plots of the great demons of politics.

Egypt military murderer seeks to ride the terror wave:

In Egypt, the most heinous terrorist, the military coup commander, killed thousands of peaceful unarmed people, burnt some of them alive, injured thousands more, and arrested tens of thousands. He certainly deserves trial as a war criminal. However, he is taking advantage of current regional conflicts, demanding the world stand with him in his own alleged war against terrorism, to convince the world community that there is terrorism in Egypt besides his own real terror, or that of his security agencies.

The coup commander means to accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of terrorism. He has classified it as a terrorist group, without evidence. Indeed, this group teaches its members the sanctity of blood and the enormity of taking a life, which would be a breach of Islamic laws before human rights and the rule of law. It spread true Islam throughout the country. Its charitable work helped millions of needy people with financial, material, medical, educational and cultural support. It ran in elections for trade unions, student unions and clubs, faculty staff and local councils, with sweeping victory in each, and always achieving great prosperity and progress for all, as affirmed by everyone.

The Muslim Brotherhood always faced up to deviant thought masquerading as Islam, such as extremism and violence. It saved many hundreds of thousands of young people from falling into those. Thus, the Muslim Brotherhood has protected Egypt from great dangers. Nevertheless, under Mubarak, 50 thousand of its members were arrested wrongfully, yet not one of them used force to defend himself, and none of them raised any weapon.

The Muslim Brotherhood contested in five parliamentary and presidential elections in the period after the January 25, 2011 Revolution and won everyone of them, with relative or absolute majority in all of them. A distinguished member of the Brotherhood, Dr Mohamed Morsi was elected as the first civilian president of Egypt.

Of the Brotherhood members, thousands were killed and tens of thousands imprisoned, yet it still commits to the peaceful approach in restoring legitimacy and the democratic path. The Brotherhood chairman said: "Our Revolution is peaceful, and will remain peaceful. Our non-violence is stronger than bullets."

The bloody murderer uses not only Egyptian institutions (the army, the police, the media and the judiciary) in addition to his heinous use of thugs, to terrorize the Brotherhood, peaceful unarmed opposition and the general public, but also asks the world community to support his crimes against the people, the crimes for which he was condemned in international human rights organizations’ reports which also demanded he and his cronies must be put on trial.

Peaceful Revolution continues until it achieves its objectives:

If the military murderer aims to elude justice, gains some kind of legitimacy from foreign powers, and spreads more fear and terror among the people, he should know that those who hold onto the Truth and yearn for freedom will not hesitate or cower due to threats, even if all the terrorists of the world unite against them. The people are better able to endure and persevere, to achieve their objectives and eliminate enemies.

The people will persist in their blessed Revolution. They will remain committed to creative non-violence and move boldly forward on the path of the Truth. They will achieve the objectives of the Revolution and forever raise the banner of the people’s sovereignty.

September 16, 2014