Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Hails Patriotic Egyptian People Marking Revolution Fourth Anniversary

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Hails Patriotic Egyptian People Marking Revolution Fourth Anniversary

The Muslim Brotherhood solemnly salutes the masses of patriotic Egyptian people in this day as they mark the fourth anniversary of the January Revolution.

The Brotherhood will persist and persevere on the revolutionary path as a strategic pathway from which there will be neither retreat nor compromise. There is no solution to the current crisis in this country, except the revolutionary one, which does not stop at breaking the coup, but continues until the homeland is purged of all forms of corruption, tyranny and despotism, and all entities lending support to the illegitimate junta regime.

Heinous crimes committed by coup militias, including spilling the blood of peaceful protesters in all parts of the country, are simply the signature of the coup’s death certificate. For, undoubtedly, the blood of martyrs fuels the Revolution until it crushes the forces of tyranny and oppression.

Retribution for the blood of the martyrs, the wounded and political prisoners in junta jails is a sacred right no-one can overlook or relinquish. No-one has the right to abandon justice – exacting retribution from the traitorous murderers. Let the criminals and oppressors wait for prompt revolutionary retribution.

The revolutionary struggle, the anti-coup movement, is growing stronger every day in public squares, based on the demands of the January 25 Revolution, around which all segments of society have united, for the defense of popular will as represented in their legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian president elected after the Revolution.

All the men and women of the Revolution must unite once again and stand by the goals of the January 25 Revolution, the common ground among all: freedom, social justice and dignified living.

To the men and women of the Revolution across the homeland… Let us close ranks in the historic battle between the truth and despotism, between dignity and servitude. Let us live free or die martyrs.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday – January 25, 2015