Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Rejects All Violence; Military Junta Invents Security Incidents, Groups

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Rejects All Violence; Military Junta Invents Security Incidents, Groups

 The Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement regarding Rabaa and Nahda massacres’ first anniversary:

The Muslim Brotherhood solemnly salutes the extensive yet peaceful anti-coup revolutionary rallies and protest events carried out by the Egyptian people in all parts of the country to mark the first anniversary of the horrendous massacres executed by the murderous blood-thirsty coup generals in Rabaa and Nahda squares, which shook the conscience of the whole world, all those who still have feelings of humanity.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood mourns the new martyrs killed in those latest protests Thursday and Friday by brutal and ruthless coup forces stripped of all feelings towards their brothers in religion, humanity and homeland, junta henchmen who hold no values for life, law or liberty.

The Brotherhood affirms that the Revolution will continue until the elimination of injustice and falsehood, until the junta is defeated and the coup is reversed, until legitimacy is restored and sovereignty of the people respected, and until retribution is exacted from the cold-blooded killers, God willing.

The Brotherhood further asserts its innocence of all violence and violent incidents blamed on the group by junta army and police spokesmen and their media henchmen. The Brotherhood asserts that forces calling for violence are nothing but tricks played ​​by coup intelligence and security services – the same ones which blew up the Two Saints Church in Alexandria among other dirty acts even before the Revolution.

The Brotherhood also affirms that the Egyptian people fully understand all these games, will not be fooled by them, and will not be deterred from continuing their courageous revolutionary movement to achieve the objectives of the blessed Revolution: freedom, social justice and human dignity.

We urge all the brave heroes of the Revolution, men and women, to stand steadfast, continue with ingenuity and selfless devotion your revolutionary action. Be patient, and trust in God. Seek help and strength from God. Victory is coming soon, God willing.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: Saturday – August 16, 2014