Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: No Crisis Solution, Only Coup Defeat Sought

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: No Crisis Solution, Only Coup Defeat Sought
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt said that an initiative by Youssef Nada, the group’s former commissioner for international relations, to resolve the crisis in Egypt was his personal view, noting that the group welcomes initiatives that support the revolutionary choice.

Mohamed Montaser, the Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman, said the group will consider any initiative from any party, welcomes any initiative that supports the revolutionary option, and aims to restore legitimacy, exact retribution for the martyrs, and hold accountable all those involved in the coup or in the spilling of blood.

Montaser further said that the acceptance or rejection of any initiative is based on the extent of its agreement with the objectives and principles of the Revolution, "this applies to Nada’s initiative, as well as all others".

In an exclusive statement to the news website ‘Arabi 21’, Montaser pointed that "Nada’s initiative reflects only his own views, with all due respect to his acknowledged weight and great record in the resolution of international disputes and major crises. The Muslim Brotherhood does not offer or accept initiatives to resolve the crisis. It certainly has a vision for ending the coup and achieving triumph for the Revolution.

"The group has no choice but to defeat the coup and fully empower the Revolution. Any vision by the Muslim Brotherhood will be announced with the participation of the revolutionary groups active in the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance and through its official outlets.

"We wish to clarify certain concepts, here. The Egyptian Revolution is not facing general Al-Sisi only as a person, it is facing a military coup involving several parties, and whose fundamental strength stems from the counter-revolution which aims to destroy the January 25 Revolution. Ultimately, the Revolution will triumph over Al-Sisi, his cronies and all those who paved the way for the military coup.

"The Egyptian Revolution does not stop at the Muslim Brotherhood, because the group is in the heart of the Anti-Coup Alliance, which leads the revolutionary work in Egypt at the moment. Many factions and segments of Egyptian society are taking part in this Revolution… Every family in Egypt now has a martyr, detainee, someone who has been forcibly disappeared or is heavily in debt because of the coup’s economic policies which impoverished the people of this homeland."

Moreover, Montaser pointed that talk of reconciliation is unrealistic, saying: "Who are the parties that would reconcile their differences? Families of martyrs, with murderers of their loved ones? Poor and hungry people, with those who impoverished them, stole their daily bread and destroyed their businesses? Egypt’s Revolution is solid and strong. It will not back down before achieving all its objectives by defeating the coup and purging the homeland of the corrupt, the traitors, and the deep state.

"We welcome any initiative that supports the Revolution and seeks to restore legitimacy and exact retribution for the martyrs and to hold accountable all those involved in the coup or in the spilling of blood… The Muslim Brotherhood is not the only opposition group, but the group together with other revolutionaries on the ground represent legitimacy since they are the supporters of the legitimate elected President, after the coup violated the people’s right to have an elected President and to experience real democracy."

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Cairo: Monday – June 15, 2015