Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Urges Action to Save Egypt

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Urges Action to Save Egypt
The foolish policies currently followed by the treacherous military coup commanders, and their disregard for the extremely difficult living conditions of the people, have reached a dangerous level that threatens the stability of the country, is dragging this homeland to total collapse and complete failure.

The Muslim Brotherhood, along with all honorable patriots, have been warning of the seriousness of the junta’s unchecked control over the homeland’s institutions and wealth. This forced control has now lead to the absurd and exorbitant price rises, which scorch the whole Egyptian society, and to the unprecedented collapse of the Egyptian currency, in addition to an almost complete freeze of all investment, a large decline in national income, severe and widespread corruption, and a total collapse of political life and social structure.

The inevitable result of this brutal military coup appeared evident in the severe suffering of most segments of society, as if the junta’s intention is to bring the Egyptian people to their knees, to humiliate and enslave them to a class of corrupt officials who only endeavor to loot the homeland’s resources and wealth and to reap billions, indifferent to all values, morals and conscience.

Add to these crimes, the tremendous numbers of atrocities and gross violations by the security services against the people, which – according to international law – are "crimes against humanity". These security crimes include extrajudicial killings and executions, systematic torture and horrific acts of terror against this homeland’s most patriotic people.

Meanwhile, prisons are heavily overcrowded with tens of thousands of the finest citizens of Egypt, youth, men and women – scientists, scholars, intellectuals, professionals and students.

Still the coup regime holds in store for all Egyptians new decrees and resolutions to increase their suffering and pain. The people are already boiling with a rage that will not be calmed with a sham reshuffle or corrupt media illusions or lies. A rage that will inevitably explode in the end, sooner or later.

To the patriotic people of Egypt… the men and women of this homeland – young and old… It is imperative that we move to save the homeland ship which is already on the verge of drowning. All forces must unite to overthrow the treacherous military coup regime, and correct the military’s role as set in the Constitution.

The oppressor must be stopped, so we may save our homeland and our children. The January 25 (2011) Revolution must regain its momentum and its masses in all public squares and streets of Egypt, until the people regain their freedom and dignity, their will and wealth, currently squandered by corrupt traitors.

Down with military rule

Cairo: October 14, 2016

Muslim Brotherhood Interim Management Committee

Dr Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Al-Mursi