• November 17, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Egypt National Alliance Calls “Down With the Harassment Junta” Protests

Egypt National Alliance Calls “Down With the Harassment Junta” Protests
As the coup commander Sisi shed fake tears for the Yazidi girl who was harassed by DAESH (or ISIS) men, dozens of Egyptian girls and women were crying bitterly from the harassment they suffered at the hands of Sisi’s brutal and shameless guards and officers in prisons, police stations and courts across Egypt.

While general Sisi practiced his usual seduction of women, pretending to be a gentle person, so kind to his entire family’s girls that they wished their fathers were like "Uncle Sisi", hundreds of girls and mothers shed copious tears because they were unjustly imprisoned and banned from receiving visits from their fathers, sons, or siblings. And also because, for an absurdly short-lived 5-minute visit, they are subjected to most humiliating personal searches that certainly amount to explicit harassment at the hands of police officers and guards who lost all meanings of decency, dignity and humanity.

These crimes committed by the Sisi regime against Egyptian girls and mothers reveal its ugly face and its true attitude towards Egyptian woman. Sisi only wants to win their votes and turn them into blaring marketing horns, while he holds in custody or pretrial detention 40 women, and subjects at least 15 girls and women to forced disappearance – the most recently abducted of whom is Somaya Maher, who has been "disappeared" for 3 weeks until now, and her family have no information about her fate or whereabouts. In fact, many other women and girls have been subjected to enforced disappearance, for long periods. Some have been in forced disappearance for a year or two until now.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance solemnly salutes the noble struggle and unique steadfastness of patriotic women throughout Egypt. The Alliance stands in solidarity with all the women who have been brutally humiliated by the Sisi gang and promises that the day of fair retribution is inevitable. The Alliance calls for a new revolutionary week of peaceful protest under the banner: Down with the harassment junta.

The crime of harassment of Egyptian women, committed by the Sisi gang, will not be subject to statute of limitations, and the hour of reckoning will inevitably come. No criminal will escape the consequences of his crime, and Egyptian women will remain a crown on the homeland’s head and a shield to protect it.

Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance