• November 18, 2015
  • 9 minutes read

Egypt National Alliance in North Sinai Urges Military Parliament Election Boycott

Egypt National Alliance in North Sinai Urges Military Parliament Election Boycott

 To our patriotic people in North Sinai…

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in North Sinai solemnly salutes all those who still stand steadfast, resilient and courageous in the face of injustice, oppression, treachery and betrayal of all values of pride and dignity.

For nearly two years and a half now, we have been reaping the dark fruits of injustice and oppression, marginalization, forced displacement and deliberately distorted, negative media coverage, at the hands of the illegitimate junta that took over the reins of power by force of cannon and tank, and shed the blood of Egyptians in streets and squares across Egypt, under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

The illegitimate regime’s security forces arrested and detained the most patriotic men and raped women in prisons, detention centers and police stations. They gagged mouths, so only the voice of hypocrisy can be heard, and only the smell of corruption can prevail everywhere, after they trampled the free will of the people and sabotaged the democratic path through which the people expressed their will and freely chose those they trusted, in the fairest democratic elections in Egypt and the world.

With the passage of every day, we suffer yet more restrictions, blockades, barriers and barricades; more bridges, streets and squares are closed; and longer waits in longer lines at security checkpoints for yet more humiliation.

Not a day goes by without us hearing about friends or relatives who have been arrested, detained, tortured, killed or raped; or the violation of the sanctity of more homes.

The notorious "dawn visitors" have returned to once again strike horror in the hearts of women and children, showing no mercy for sick or old men, women or children.

Junta injustice has affected everyone. Now, no-one is safe, after junta militias violated all homes, villages and cities, and wreaked havoc, with tyranny and murderous vengeance.

After two years and a half of all these atrocious junta practices, the people have not reaped but poverty and humiliation, hunger and backwardness and more fear and instability.

After all that, a group of people present themselves to us as candidates for the military junta’s illegitimate Parliament, to represent the Sinai, to demand its usurped rights. They urge the people to go back to the ballot boxes to give their voices to those who deserve.

We tell them: Stop trivializing our minds. Stop deceiving yourselves. Do not waste your time. Do not help strengthen the State of injustice and corruption under false worn-out pretenses that have long since been exposed by your practices.

You have already participated in strengthening the State of falsehood and aided and abetted the spilling of innocent blood.

You clapped your hands gleefully for the brutal murderers as they killed and oppressed under the justification for the war on terror, knowing very well that the junta is the maker and prime patron of terrorism.

For long you have remained silent on the forced displacement of our people in Rafah and Sheikh Zowaid, and the atrocities they suffered, the brutality of genocide, the violations never sanctioned by law or custom. You stood silent without moving a finger. Indeed, some of you actively supported it all.

Know that God condemns injustice, and that the State of injustice lasts but a little while, then the day must come when the people will exact retribution from the criminals and the murderers and oppressors. "They say: ‘When will that be?’ Say: ‘Sooner than you think’!" (Quran 17:51).

Beware of God. Withdraw from this farcical elections, and save whatever is still left of your dignity. Stand as one with your people in the face of falsehood.

To our people in the Sinai… There is no alternative to standing united in the fact of the oppressor. We must rise in revolution against all the aides, supporters and pillars of the junta regime.

Chant loud and clear: No to injustice, no to arbitrary arrests and detention. No to torture and forced displacement. No to violations of our dignity. No to terrorizing the innocent. No to the illegitimate bloody military coup.

Boycott the sham elections. Beware, and be alert. Do not follow this deceptive gang. Do not join supporters of injustice and corruption. Do not support those murdered Muslims in cold blood, or share in strengthening the pillars of its state. Expose them and their dirty tricks.

We ask Allah to save Egypt and its people

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in North Sinai

Tuesday – November 17, 2015