• February 14, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt National Alliance Launches ‘Rabaa, Icon of Revolution’ Peaceful Protest Week

Egypt National Alliance Launches ‘Rabaa, Icon of Revolution’ Peaceful Protest Week

 To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

Your great revolutionary defiance is moving forward towards its noble goals, winning over new sectors of the society everyday, as more people come to see the light. Your epic persistence, started with Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins, is now spreading to all liberty squares in the whole country, calling for the liberation of Egypt from the clutches of a murderous military junta willing to burn everyone and kill young and old to protect the generals.

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people…

There is no doubt that Rabaa is the icon of the Revolution. Do remember the generals who shed their military uniforms and don civilian attire to act out new roles. Remember those who are willing to sell the country in their shameful disgraced travels.

Rabaa raised a revolutionary generation that stood its ground in liberty squares, and remains steadfast in junta jails. This generation feels your pains in factories, fields and all organizations and establishments. It feels your pains as poverty, repression and torture grab the country, while it marches steadily forward with the Revolution, with a spirit of devotion and sacrifice – until retribution is served and all demands are met.

To all patriotic heroes of the Revolution…

Let us continue non-violent revolutionary action with selfless, creative resistance in a majestic week under the banner "Rabaa, icon of the Revolution", starting from Friday, to mark six months since the massacres executed by military junta forces in Rabaa and Nahda squares.

Let us honor the call of those who were killed, injured or arrested and detained, and the Revolution’s true hero, our elected President Mohamed Morsi. Let their undying persistence inspire us all. Let memories of the pain steel our resolve. Let us burn the pictures of the murderer and the flags of hostile states in the West or the East.

God is Great…

Down with the regime: the generals, corrupt judiciary and the treacherous media

One Revolution.. One blood.. One murderer

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: February 13, 2014