• July 12, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt National Alliance Vows Continued Support for Gaza, Refusal of Price Increases in Egypt

Egypt National Alliance Vows Continued Support for Gaza, Refusal of Price Increases in Egypt
Today (Friday), the forces of terror in Cairo and Gaza banded together to kill innocent people, who resist injustice and aggression. In order to subdue and humiliate this great nation, with weapons and hunger, in Egypt and occupied Palestine, Al-Sisi, his collaborators and their sponsor in Tel Aviv are fighting humanity, allied with the devil.

Today, the revolutionary movement in Egypt reached the poorest regions, calling for the demands of the people to be met, rejecting irrational price rises, and burning Zionist flags. Revolutionaries condemned the suppression of the poor in Egypt by Al-Sisi and his regime. They denounced the siege of the people of the Gaza Strip, and the manipulation of the Rafah crossing and the ill and injured Palestinians using it. The Alliance reaffirms its commitment to liberating the country from its killers and plunderers, who will not be allowed to enjoy the fruit of their illegitimate actions, so long as Egypt’s revolutionaries live.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance expressed condolences to the families of the martyrs in Egypt and Gaza. It warns of the consequences of continuing the policies of fascism, which crush the poor in Egypt. It further condemns the coup’s pro-Zionist practices which support the occupation of Palestine at the expense of those manning the first line of defense for Egypt. The Alliance also expressed surprise at the ongoing farcical trial of President Mohamed Morsi in the so-called ‘spying’ lawsuit related to ‘collaboration’ with Hamas, as if to give a green light to the Zionist enemy to continue its brutal attacks on the Palestinian people and their legitimate resistance.

The "Commanders crush the poor" week of peaceful protests continues strongly. The revolutionary movement has won over several sectors of society adversely affected by the coup regime’s irrational actions and absurd decisions. Solidarity with the Palestinian people of Gaza and the resistance will continue as long as Zionist aggressions continue. The poor are held dear in the heart of the Alliance, with all the steadfast people of Egypt who have already endured so many sacrifices. We communicate; we gather together; and we contribute to creating the climate of the forthcoming ‘battle of empty offices’.

Gaza resists; Egypt erupts… and the truth will rise up victorious

Revolution is a matter of faith: fill the places of worship, light up the streets, and boycott falsehood…

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Friday – July 11, 2014