• February 10, 2013
  • 7 minutes read

Egypt National Conscience Front Founding Statement: We Will Defend Freedoms

Egypt National Conscience Front Founding Statement: We Will Defend Freedoms

 With the outbreak of violence in the opposition’s National Salvation Front demonstrations, a new coalition called ‘National Conscience Front’ (NCF) has been announced. In its founding statement, the NCF said that it considered itself the nucleus of a broad national conscience, representing all Egyptians, that will ensure the continuity of the revolution, and defend the rights of Egyptians to freedom, dignity, justice and welfare.

Although the NCF is not a political party, its membership includes representatives of many existing parties. Initially, the NCF’s first priority will be to stop the shedding of Egyptian blood and defend Egyptians against calls to violence that use Egyptian blood in a desperate struggle for power that threatens the survival of the Egyptian homeland and people.

Comments made by NCF leaders echoed the Front’s founding statement. During his speech at a ceremony launching the NCF, leading member Ibrahim Yousry said: "The Front is determined to face up to anyone who wants to push Egypt into the abyss, into national suicide. It will confront those who want to burn this homeland. Today, the national conscience has a voice and will speak out. I call on all patriots to listen to the voice of reason. I do hope conflict and strife will soon be stopped.

"There is absolutely no need to mobilize, vandalize and set the country ablaze. We have elections in only three months.

Opposition parties need to go down to the streets and motivate their supporters to secure a majority in upcoming parliamentary elections. In civilized countries across the world, political struggle takes place through the ballot box, not through amassing crowds in the streets, rioting, murder, thuggery and bloodshed. I hope our calls will be heeded by all loyal and patriotic citizens especially the young people in whose hearts the opposition has planted panic, suspicion and hatred towards those in power."

In a special interview to announce NCF goals, aired by Al-Jazeera Live – Egypt, Mohamed Mahsoub, former Minister of State for Parliamentary and Legal Affairs and leading member of the NCF, said: "The aim of launching the front is to build postrevolution Egypt, to take it out of weakness to strength, out of backwardness to progress, and out of subordination to liberation; and to achieve freedom and human dignity for all the people.

"The NCF includes representatives of all factions and movements across Egypt’s intellectual and political spectra. The Front considers itself the nucleus of all the nation’s conscience, and refuses to fall into the trap of polarization or division. The NCF will stand against the rulers or the opposition, if they do wrong or deviate from the path or objectives of the revolution."

For his part, Justice Walid Al-Sharabi, spokesman for the ‘Judges for Egypt’ movement and one of the founders of the NCF movement, said that some people endeavor to restore the defunct former regime, stressing the Front’s rejection of any attempt to replicate the deposed regime in any way.

"Certainly, the NCF has no exclusive right to talk as the conscience of the nation. But it will contribute to enlightening people along the path, clarifying the vision, and putting hope in the hearts of all Egyptians."

Dr. Gamal Gibril, professor of constitutional law and member of the Shura Council (upper house of Egyptian parliament), expressed surprise at the lack of clarity of opposition and protester demands, wondering: "What do they want, exactly? Where do they want to go from here? They adopt policies of reaction, and never initiate or propose any reform projects."

Meanwhile, Hatem Azzam, deputy leader of Al-Hadara (Civilization) party, said that the NCF will not exercise a political role on the ground, but will aim to instill hope in the hearts of all Egyptians, give its considered opinion on current events, and urgently direct political forces to hold national interests higher than any narrow personal or partisan ones.

"We want to guide to the truth as expressed by Egypt’s collective national conscience and the voice of Egyptians who lose hope as they see the unfolding events of conflict and violence and believe that Egypt’s best interests are being lost in the midst of political struggle."