• January 22, 2016
  • 6 minutes read

Egypt National Symbols, Leaders Urge Revolution Against Illegitimate Coup Regime

Egypt National Symbols, Leaders Urge Revolution Against Illegitimate Coup Regime

 Daily campaigns of extrajudicial killings and arbitrary arrests by the repressive and corrupt regime in Egypt coincide with a speech that sums up the January 2011 Revolution in "dividing Egyptians", to achieve one goal: to kill the Revolution and trample the people’s demands.

The Revolution would certainly be sabotaged, if left to the corrupt coup regime, or to emotive rhetorical discourse that stems not from the fundamentals of our people or principles of our Revolution.

In January 2011, our Revolution started peaceful and bloodless. It woke up the sleepy, inspired inert and silenced the oppressor.

The flag will not be handed over to those who engage in irresponsible discourse, claiming they speak in the name of the Revolution, while only aiming to serve the counter-revolution.

Our Revolution is for all Egyptians. It does not exclude or alienate any-one, nor does it refuse any faction, or destroy any country.

It is every Egyptian’s Revolution. It aims to save and protect the homeland. It is the way to freedom, justice and dignity. The Revolution does not rely except on its own men and women – who believe in its dream, work to achieve its demands and never discriminated between revolutionaries.

The Revolution will soon have its unifying body for all its loyal men and women who commit to its principles, to cohesion of the Egyptian people, to saving our country and to the preservation of democratic gains for future generations in Egypt.

Every free, patriotic Egyptian must endeavor to put an end to the crime of this military coup d’état that trampled the people’s will and freedom. Egypt’s squares will accommodate all the free patriotic people of this country, just like detention camps and exiles.

Our country will be liberated by the hands of all its people who reject injustice, challenge corruption, and never compromise on their homeland.

Long Live Egypt Free and Proud
One United Revolution
Signatories of above statement:

Ibrahim Yusri (former ambassador), Ahmed Baqri (Egyptian Students Union), Ahmed Salim (Al-Liqaa Al-Masry), Osama Rushdie (Egyptian rights expert), Islam Al-Ghamri (the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance), Ashraf Tawfik (Construction and Development Party), Amin Mahmoud (Ghorba Movement), Ayman Nour (leader of the Ghad Al-Thawra Party), Ihab Shiha (Asala Party Chairman), Bassem Khafagi (Egyptian politician), Tamer Makki (parliamentarian), Gamal Heshmat (Speaker of the legitimate Egyptian Parliament), Hatem Azzam (parliamentarian), Khaled Al-Sharif (leading member of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council), Sami Kamal-al-Din (media professional), Saif Abdel-Fattah (Professor of Political Science), Salah Aldoubi (Justice for Egypt Society), Amer Abdel-Rahim (parliamentarian), Abdel-Rahman Yousef (poet), Sheikh Essam Telimah, Essam Abdel-Shafi (Professor of Political Science), Ammar El-Beltagy (Revolution Youth), Amr Darrag (former Minister), Amr Abdel-Hadi (Damir Front), Amr Farouk (engineer), Tariq Al-Zomar (President of the Building and Development Party), Magda Mahfouz (Women for Human Rights coalition), Mohamed Ismail (Ghorba Movement), Mohamed Al-Deeb (Wassat-al-Khir Association), Mohamed Shober (coordinator of Ghorba Movement), Mohamed Mahsoub (former Minister), Magdi Salem (Islamic Party), Mustafa Ibrahim (coalition of Egyptians abroad), Mesa Abdel-Latif (Ghorba Movement), Munther Alaiwa (Ghad Al-Thawra Party), Nevin Malak (Egyptian human rights activist), and Yehya Hamed (former Minister)…

Thursday – January 21, 2016