Egypt Not For sale Campaign

In response to the ongoing Zionist offence and terrorism of the state targeting our families in Palestine and Lebanon, and because we as Egyptians do not accept to be part of the Israeli arms or to support in any way the attacks on Lebanon , we declare our absolute rejection of exporting gas and oil supplies to the state of the Zionist enemy and demand the Mubark regime to stop it.

Egypt must not take this derogatory role, and the Mubarak regime must stop forcing it to bend down and kneel. The Egyptian people refuse to continue exporting Egyptian natural gas and oil to the enemy under shallow justifications and false pretexts. Although the Egyptian government increased the gasoline prices in the Egyptian market justifying this by the increase in oil prices in the global market, it signed contracts with the Zionist enemy committing itself to export Egyptian gas for a fixed price for the coming 15 years.

These oil products exported by the Mubarak regime to the enemy are practically translated as bombs and balls of fire falling on the heads of our kids in Gaza and Beirut. This regime must realize the rejection of the Egyptian people to these acts, which demean the Egyptian past, present and future.

Based on the above, we demand to stop supplying the enemy with oil and oil-based products at once, and the immediate halt to the Egyptian- Israeli gas agreement. We also urge the harbor workers in the Egyptian ports to record a historical, honorable stance by refusing to deal with anything connected to the Zionist enemy. Moreover, we call upon the Egyptian People’s Assembly to undertake its national responsibilities and shun the interference of the government.

Egyptian citizens