• July 17, 2013

Egypt Parliament Human Rights Committee Demands President Morsi Visit

Egypt Parliament Human Rights Committee Demands President Morsi Visit

In a report issued Tuesday, the Human Rights Committee of the Shura Council (Egypt’s Upper House of Parliament) said, "The repressive regime of Mubarak and cronies, toppled by the people in the 2011 Revolution, has just grabbed power back again after the brutal military coup.

"The most notorious State Security apparatus, which used torture and terrorize Egyptian People in the Mubarak era, is back – with their offices and headquarters open in many areas across Egypt, and officers as well as official informants showing up all over the governorates of the country."

In its report, the Rights Committee affirmed that it has documented evidence of heinous crimes of torture in many specific cases. For example, a youth called Farid Shawki was abducted from outside the Republican Guard compound, tortured for 6 full hours – until he died, and his body was callously dumped in the street.

The report further mentions that other human rights violations and torture crimes of the ousted Mubarak regime are clearly mirrored now with protesters arrested and police forcing them to prostrate then putting shoes on their heads, kicking and insulting them in most humiliating ways.

The Rights Committee said that it also documented many cases of arbitrary arrests and detention of citizens from the streets, on false charges, in addition to framing of political figures, including members of the Shura Council, with arrest warrants issued to find and arrest many Council members belonging to the Freedom Justice Party.

The Committee also said that relatives of detainees were prevented from communicating with their loved ones, who were not allowed to have access to lawyers.

It condemned the restriction of media freedoms by closings of religious satellite TV channels and jamming of satellite TV channels that broadcast the real situation including the huge Egyptian protests and the real revolt by the Egyptian people, as well as the shuttering of the headquarters of some political parties and the prosecution of political leaderships.

"Nothing is more indicative of the return of the Mubarak regime’s repressive security apparatus than what is happening with the President of the Republic, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, where he is being held without charges in an undisclosed location, his family does not know anything about him, he has had no contact with his doctor, nor with any member of his family.

The Committee demanded the formation of a medical and security commission from the doctors and lawyers syndicates to visit President Morsi in detention, in addition to sending a delegation from the United Nations to visit him, since he is the legitimate elected President. It also demanded that the President must be allowed to appear in public.

The Committee called on the Egyptian people to continue their peaceful revolt against the coup so as to prevent a full return to repression, torture, confiscation of funds, extortion and other Mubarak era State Security practices, along with all that era’s corrupt practices.