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  • December 18, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt Police Arrest 27 Muslim Brotherhood Members, Detain MB Relief Activist

Egypt Police Arrest 27 Muslim Brotherhood Members, Detain MB Relief Activist

Egyptian state security forces rounded up on Thursday 27 Muslim Brotherhood members from the coastal city of Alexandria and the Nile Delta governorates of Kafr El-Sheikh and Sharqeyya.

In dawn raids, state security investigations arrested 27 MB members from Sharqeyya. Their names as obtained by Ikhwanweb are Dr. Mohamed Baraya (Veterinarian), Said Shawadfi (Al-Azhar cleric), Mohamed Anis (Engineer), Mohamed Sobhi Radwan (Pharmacist), Mohamed Hubeishi (Pharmacist), Said Naggar (civil servant), Mubarak Khalifa (businessman), Ayman Gharib (English language teacher), Samir Abdel-Dayem (teacher), Hassan Gouda (Al-Azhar teacher), Adel Ibrahim (teacher), Salah Hegab (civil servant), Sayed Mohamed Ibrahim, Ahmad Abdelmaksoud, Wael Abdel Ghani, Osama Hassaneen, Mohamed Abdou, Mohamed Fayad, Mohsen Qahwah, and Ahmad Abdelhamid.  

Further, security forces arrested three MB members from Kafr El-Sheikh. They are Abdel Galil Mohamed, Ali Naguib, and Mohesen Mokhtar. Other three were arrested in Alexandria on Wednesday: Nagi Abdel Hadi, Mohie El-Din, and Mohamed Harmush.

Meanwhile, Muslim brotherhood senior member Dr. Gamal Abdel Salam Is still held in custody after a decision by the Higher State Security Court on Tuesday to remand him for 15 days pending investigations. Abdel Salam is the chairman of the Doctors Union Relief and Emergency Committee and he was accused of “training young members of the Muslim Brotherhood to become cadres using means of violence and terrorism, supplying foreign entities with money and weapons, and infiltration to Gaza” according to the  court.

Secretary General of the Arab Doctors Union Dr. Abdul Monem Abulfotouh dismissed the charges as “politically motivated” and that they “aim at distorting the image of humanitarian workers and those who call for ending the suffocating siege on the Gaza strip either by political or humanitarian means.”

Last week, 117 Muslim brotherhood members were arrested against the backdrop of their participation in Gaza relief campaigns.


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