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  • September 17, 2008
  • 6 minutes read

Egypt Police Arrests 15 Muslim Brotherhood Students, Professor

Egypt Police Arrests 15 Muslim Brotherhood Students, Professor

Egyptian security forces arrested on Tuesday 15 Muslim Brotherhood students from the Nile Delta city of Zagazig after storming an apartment where they were having the Ramadan breakfast.


Students were hosted by assistant professor at their University (Zagazig University) Dr. Ehab Mahmoud, among the arrested, who was previously arrested in the event of the Shura Council elections.



The security forces imposed a blockade for two hours on Al-Salam district in the city of Zagazig. They were backed by armored vehicles imposing a curfew before their breaking the door of the apartment and arresting the students shortly before the sunset.

On the other hand, Abdullah Al-Bahrawy ,a lawyer, confirmed that the state security forces had raided the homes of the students, and seized computers, books, CDs, papers and textbooks and others, in addition to the ill-treatment and scattering the contents of the rooms during the raid.


Until this moment, the detainees had not been presented before prosecution, and the security agencies did not tell about the place of detention, while some of lawyers’ sources indicate that students are held in the Central Security Camp in Al-Sharqeyya.


The detainees include Dr. Ihab Mahmoud – a teacher assistant in Faculty of Specific Education,  Hamid Shaaban (an engineer), Mahmoud Al-Taweel (Faculty of Medicine), Ibrahim Al-Shawadfi (Faculty of Education), Mohamed Shaltout (Faculty of Engineering), Ahmad Kamal (Faculty of Commerce), Osama Abu Hatab (Faculty of Agriculture), Mohamed Mareiy (Faculty of Engineering), Hani Mohamed (Faculty of Usul Eldden), Abdullah Ibrahim (Faculty of Commerce), Omar Ismail Al-Sayeed (Industrial Technical Institute), Mohamed Ramadan (Technical Institute for Health).


These arrests came on the backdrop of the beginning of the new school year, as the state security is working on arresting the symbols of students’ activity to reduce the activity of Muslim Brotherhood students within the university.