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  • January 2, 2009
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt Police Block Friday Prayer, Assault Hundreds in Pro-Gaza Downtown Protests

Egypt Police Block Friday Prayer, Assault Hundreds in Pro-Gaza Downtown Protests

Egyptian security forces denied worshippers access to Friday prayers and arrested top Muslim Brotherhood leaders to disperse Pro-Gaza nationwide demonstration, said a Muslim Brotherhood leader.

Among the arrested was Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood administrative Bureau in Giza governorate Sayed El Nezeili.

Mohamed Al Beltagi, the deputy secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, said in statements to Ikhwanweb that the security forces “denied worshippers the right to attend Friday prayers, describing the security cordon in downtown Cairo to prevent demonstrations as “tighter than the security measures around Al Aqsa Mosque” .
Al Beltagi added that downtown Cairo was turned into military barracks where no one can enter unless he shows his ID. If security forces suspect that anyone tries to join pro-Gaza demonstrations, they deny him access and arrest him. He added that the security polce turned off the microphones and speakers of Al-Fath Mosque in downtown Cairo during the Friday Prayer when the preacher started to speak about Gaza massacres .
“Women were denied access to the mosque under the pretext that there are maintainance operations.” Hundreds Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested and the exact figure is yet to be known as detentions are still underway”, said Al Beltagi.

The MB parliamentarian also reported security harassments against demonstrators who assembled in front AlGamiya Al-Shariya at Al-Galaa Street , downtown Cairo .
During these detentions, the security forces randomly attacked and beat a large number of people who tried to demonstrate. Many demonstrators were reportedly wounded due to this.
Meanwhile, hundreds of rallies and demonstrations have been organized nationwide after the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mahdi Akef called on all Egyptians to take to streets after Friday Prayers to protest against the ongoing aggression on Gaza Strip.