• December 9, 2012
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt Presidency: Consensus on New Constitutional Declaration to Replace November Decrees

Egypt Presidency: Consensus on New Constitutional Declaration to Replace November Decrees

Participants in the dialogue called for by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi agreed that popular referendum on the draft constitution will go ahead on time as planned, on Saturday, December 15.

In a press conference held after an almost 10-hour marathon meeting attended by 54 political, national, legal and constitutional experts, leaders and intellectuals, Vice-President Mahmoud Makki and renowned lawyer Dr. Mohamed Salim Al-Awa announced the new President’s Constitutional Declaration (PCD) which replaces the earlier PCD issued on November 21, 2012 keeping in place all actions resulting from the repealed PCD, including appointment of the new Public Prosecutor.

The meeting also called for people to rally to complete the march of the revolution, and demanded an investigation of recent violence that took place outside the Presidential Palace.

Vice-President Makki stated that the Supreme Elections Committee is ready to supervise the referendum process, that honorable judges will not let down their homeland, and that they are the most determined not to be an obstacle in the way of national stability, and that the number of judges agreeing to oversee the referendum process is more than the required for effective management and supervision.

Dr. Makki pointed that the goal of immunizing the PCD was to give the people a chance to vote on the referendum. He added that the immunization has done its purpose and so has now expired.

The new Constitutional Declaration:

1 – The Constitutional Declaration issued on 21 November 2012 is repealed, and its resulting actions and effects remain valid.

2 – Retrials will be held in the killing of martyrs and crimes of terrorism against the people, if new evidence emerges relevant to the January 25 revolution and ensuing or related events until June 30, 2012.

3 – If the electorate does not approve the draft constitution, the President shall call within 3 months for the formation by election of a new Constituent Assembly to draft a new constitution. The results of the election shall be announced in each election sub-committee.

4 – Constitutional Declarations, including this one, cannot be challenged.

5 – This Constitutional Declaration shall be published in the Egyptian Official Gazette.