• October 28, 2013
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Egypt President Mohamed Morsi Rejects Trial, Defense

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi Rejects Trial, Defense

The coup victims’ legal team confirmed that it was preparing for lawyers to attend the trial of Egypt’s legitimate President Mohamed Morsi to observe proceedings, not to defend him. It stressed that the legitimate President and the legal team totally reject the trial.

Meanwhile, Mustafa Azab, media spokesman, said that Mohamed Damati, Nasserite lawyer, is the sole legal spokesman for the President in the Itehadia Palace clashes lawsuit.

Azab denied rumors spread by military-friendly Egyptian newspapers about hiring an international organization of lawyers from Qatar and Turkey to defend the legitimate President.

The following is the text of a statement issued by the legal team of coup victims in Egypt:

A number of newspapers have been spreading false news about the abducted President Mohamed Morsi’s defense team in the trial scheduled for November 4, claiming that the International Muslim Brotherhood has appointed a number of senior foreign lawyers from countries such as Qatar and Turkey to defend the President.

We stress that these rumors are completely unfounded, just like the pack of lies and misinformation the military-led media regularly report to divert attention from the crimes, atrocities and violations committed by coup authorities every day, the most serious crime of which is the denial of justice.

We announced dozens of times, and we reaffirm now, that no lawyers will be defending President Mohamed Morsi, neither Egyptians nor foreigners, because the President does not recognize the trial or any of the actions and processes that resulted from the coup, such as the politicization of the judiciary, involving it in the political struggle so it becomes a means of repression and terror used by the coup regime against opponents.

We further stress that the coup victims’ legal team adopts and affirms this position, and that the legal spokesman for the President will be announced on the day of the trial as a legal spokesman for the President, that he will not advocate for the President, and that he will certainly be an Egyptian. Egypt does not lack legal talent or honorable lawyers.

We affirm that the official spokesman for the legal team, for this lawsuit, is Mohamed Damati. Any statements issued by the defense team will be made exclusively through his person.

In conclusion, we call on all legal and human rights activists and lawyers in the whole free world, as well as all those interested or involved in issues of justice and independence of the judiciary around the globe, to attend the President’s trial, to observe the proceedings, to witness the trampling of justice, and to see for themselves the crimes committed by security authorities in Egypt with the help of the public prosecution service, fabricating charges for opponents of the coup. They should review the incident-reports recorded against opponents of the coup, to see for themselves also the colossal contempt coup authorities have for the people, and the decline in standards, where fabrication of charges is no longer a secret to anyone.

Mustafa Azab – Media Spokesman for coup victims’ legal team in Egypt

Cairo: October 27, 2013