• June 27, 2010

Egypt prevents Jordanian aid from entering Gaza

Egypt prevents Jordanian aid from entering Gaza

RAFAH,  Egyptian authorities prevented a Jordanian aid convoy from entering the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point on Saturday.

Egyptian security forces insisted that the Jordanian union delegates, who accompany the convoy, enter the Gaza Strip through the Israeli Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing. But the Jordanian delegates firmly rejected the Egyptian authorities’ decision and instead sat in front of the Rafah crossing until they were permitted to enter the Strip.

The delegation’s visit to Gaza is part of a series of activities approved by Jordanian trade unions to break the siege imposed on the Strip.

The Jordanian unions condemned the Egyptian authorities for preventing the delegation from entering Gaza. The acting head of the union’s council, Dr. Mohamed Ababeneh, said in a statement on Saturday, “The prevention of our fellow tradesmen representing Jordanian trade unions headed by Dr. Ahmed al-Armouti, union chairman, from entering the Gaza Strip through Rafah is indicative of the Arab siege imposed on our Palestinian people in the steadfast, besieged Gaza.”

He emphasized that the unions believe that opening the Rafah crossing is “a natural right to people suffering from the ravages of the occupation, and it is a right of all free people of this nation to transit through it.”
On another note, vice president of the Egyptian Al-Wafd Party, Fouad Badrawi, announced that Egyptian security authorities approved the party’s request to carry a relief aid convoy to Gaza. The convoy is scheduled to begin its trek on Thursday, July 1st.

MP Mostafa al-Jundi told reporters today that the convoy consists mostly of medical aid, reaching about 4 tons in weight, in addition to a large amount of nutritional aid.
Al-Jundi added that the convoy’s program will include a meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyyeh and a significant number of Palestinian leaders and ministers.