• October 6, 2017
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Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Continues Peaceful Protest with “October Army” Banner Week

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Continues Peaceful Protest with “October Army” Banner Week
Today, Egypt marks the anniversary of the October 6 (1973) war victory when Egyptians and their army proved their ability to achieve the impossible: despite incredible Israeli fortifications, they crossed the Suez Canal, broke the Barlev line, reclaimed vast areas of then occupied Sinai and the army restored its pride, badly damaged after the earlier (June 1967) defeat.

With the glowing October spirit, Egypt then started a period of building and rejuvenation, and its people regained confidence in themselves and in their army. However, Egypt was later hijacked by those who were out to live their own dreams, and even to achieve the dreams of the enemies of the homeland.

Some self-serving generals grabbed power from their democratically elected President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. These generals, led by Sisi, executed a horrific and treasonous coup over to the civilian president who wanted to modernize the armed forces and to assert their military function in protecting Egypt’s borders and national security – away from any political or economic roles that detract from their prestige and combat readiness with unnecessary involvement in fierce competition with civilian sectors.

On this 44th anniversary of the October victory, the Egyptians wonder: "Where is that October army?" – the army that defeated the Zionists and restored the Egyptians’ smile? Where does that army stand as the generals seek to throw it into the arms of the enemy, preparing to involve it in joint exercises and maneuvers with the enemy’s army, and even prepare it to help implement the treacherous "deal of the century"? Egyptians wonder: if Israel is no longer an enemy, but a partner in military exercises and maneuvers, then who is the enemy?

On this occasion, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls for a new revolutionary week of peaceful protests under the title "Where is the October Army?" To restore the October spirit killed by failed generals who never participated in the October war at all, general who indeed have devoted themselves to erasing that glorious memory and killing that spirit by turning the army of victory into the army of pasta- and candy-making.

The Alliance renews its call to all officers and soldiers of the armed forces to return to their real role to protect the homeland, and to challenge the sale of its land, its Nile, its gas and other resources. The Alliance reaffirms the importance of the return of the military to their noble tasks on the borders away from political activities.

On this occasion, the Alliance remembers with appreciation and reverence the lives of our martyrs, the fine men and women of the Revolution, who were shot dead by the coup junta police on October 6, 2013. Certainly, the coup of general Sisi and his junta will not "settle in". It will not continue. The confrontation with him will not stop until his ouster, until Egypt is once again strong, rejuvenated, with a truly patriotic army and united people.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

#جيش_أكتوبر_فين (Where is the October Army)