• January 30, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Friday of Persistence and Defiance’ Day of Anger Protests

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Friday of Persistence and Defiance’ Day of Anger Protests

We call on all patriotic Egyptians to turn out to public squares and let their voices shake the military state, the reign of murder, destruction and heinous bombings by security apparatus. Express your anger for freedom, dignity and popular will. Show your wrath in defense of the homeland, which is being plundered and humiliated by Al-Sisi and his gang.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance says it clearly: pulling together in order to topple the junta regime and punish the murderers is the duty of the time. March forcefully forward, steel your resolve, and complete your Revolution. Know that victory comes only from God. Do not be unduly distressed or distracted by local or foreign factors and calculations. The whole matter is in your hands. Everyone and everything else moves and stops with you.

Defy and challenge the brute force of the oppressive coup regime and the policy of extrajudicial murder by security forces. Brace for that time when you storm the Itehadia Palace and arrest Al-Sisi and his gang. That is your main goal, in addition to lending support for freedom, popular will, dignity, social justice and retribution for the blood of the Revolution martyrs and the wounded.

As we continue our thundering "Egypt Speaks Revolution" protest wave, as we mark the January 25, 2011 days of wrath, we call all patriotic citizens to join us on a roaring Friday of anger under the banner "Persistence and Defiance" in all public squares across Egypt, where we shall raise pictures of the Revolution martyrs and political prisoners.

Just as we triumphed over the gang and forces of evil, which included Mubarak, four years ago in the Battle of the Camel, we can achieve victory over the same gang today or tomorrow, in every ‘battle of the camel’ Al-Sisi gang forces on us. We are still the fuel of the Revolution, the leaders of the revolt in all streets and squares, and our anger is still raging, driving the peaceful movement as a powerful deterrent against coup forces.

The Revolution is in the streets throughout the homeland. We call on all Egyptians to participate. Let the whole world hear that the decision is ultimately up to the Revolution alone, and that the victorious Revolution will not allow anyone to sell or humiliate Egypt. In fact, Egypt’s salvation and liberation is near. It just needs more unity, loyalty, sacrifice and self-denial. It requires that we overcome our differences and look toward one future – that of Egypt.

Down with military rule

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – January 29, 2015