• October 23, 2015
  • 7 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Indomitable Will, Unstoppable Revolution’ Protest Week

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Indomitable Will, Unstoppable Revolution’ Protest Week

 The people have spoken, reiterated their rejection of military rule, ignored the traitorous murderer’s call for them to participate in his farcical elections, and left him, his gang and his media tentacles to lament, complain and make accusations against one another.

They thought they owned the people – forever, to ‘herd’ them to wherever they wished. But the people proved they are the stronger side, despite the brutal intimidation and oppression they suffered especially in recent months, with junta officials threatening the people that they would lose their jobs if they did not turn out to vote in the sham parliamentary elections.

Thus the coup commander and his gang were forced to use their well-practiced fraud tactics, once again, like all despots, faking the will of the people, numbers of participants and the election results – to suit their own purposes and serve their personal interests.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance stresses that the broad popular boycott of all categories, Muslims and Christians, young men and women, was a clear message to the junta and the military-appointed regime: you have no place and no future in Egypt.

This is also a strong message to the world community to assume its responsibilities and stop its support for the military rulers who certainly have neither legitimacy nor popular support. The people also affirmed that their boycott will be followed by more non-violent actions, escalating to full civil disobedience until the military coup is ultimately defeated.

The Alliance calls on all the people to move boldly forward from this noble and patriotic position, to defeat this brutal coup that deprived Egypt and Egyptians of a decent life, freedom, justice and dignity.

We urge everyone to take part in a new revolutionary week entitled "Indomitable Will, Unstoppable Revolution". Let us prove to everyone that the will of the people can not be coerced under any circumstances and that the January 2011 Revolution will not be defeated, but will triumph soon, and will bring back justice, freedom and dignity to the homeland.

The successive economic meltdowns and disasters in Egypt, the collapse of the Egyptian pound, and the subsequent hike in prices, all because of this failing murderous regime, can no longer be tolerated by the people. There is no way out of these crises except by ridding the homeland of this repressive junta.

We applaud the steadfast detainees behind prison walls and their long-suffering families. Their steadfastness is the fuel of our Revolution. We will not let them down. We will not back down, hesitate, rest or stop until we achieve final and decisive victory.

We also applaud the Syrian resistance against the Russian invasion and against the usurper of power Bashar Al-Assad and his ilk. All the plots currently being hatched against the Syrian people and their Revolution will be crushed on the threshold of the heroic resistance.

We salute the steadfast people of Palestine and their uprising which turned the tables on everyone. We urge them to step up their resistance, and assure them that the whole nation is with them, praying to God to grant them ultimate victory.

We salute the steadfastness of the resistance in Yemen and congratulate its men and women on the liberation of more sites from the hands of the counter-revolution.

We salute Libya’s great revolutionaries, and pray to God for victory and success.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Thursday – October 22, 2015