• April 15, 2016
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Egypt Above All’ Week of Anti-Coup Peaceful Protests.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Egypt Above All’ Week of Anti-Coup Peaceful Protests.
It is time for those who scorn Egyptians and patriotism to stop. It is time history recorded that every free Egyptian did not and will not accept the sale of an inch of Egypt’s soil or sovereignty. Sinai, Halayib, Shalateen, Tiran and Sanafir are all part of this our homeland. This is a very serious matter of national sovereignty, certainly not – as the junta and their media henchmen are trying to make out – a "disputable point" or a case of political opportunism or exploitation of an ambiguous situation.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance welcomes calls for mass demonstrations against the Sisi gang’s selling off of the Egyptian islands (Tiran and Sanafir), in Tahrir Square.

The Alliance is taking part in those protests. We call on all Egyptians to come out in all public squares across Egypt, raising the Egyptian flag high, as well as all posters of defiance, in another week of rage entitled "Egypt Above All". Everybody should knows that our land is our honor, and that such agreements are worthless. No honorable patriotic Egyptian who loves his homeland will ever recognize or accept those sham agreements.

Calls for Egyptians to join these protests came spontaneously from Egypt’s non-politicized patriotic youth, to defend the sovereignty of their country. Those calls for protest are not in defense or support of any particular faction or political orientation; they are not the result of any accusations or incitement. They come in defense of Egypt’s great history and the blood that flowed for this country, for its dignity and to protect its borders.

With complete humility, and without returning to past disagreements in which all parties made mistakes, the Alliance asserts that the January 2011 Revolution is the path we all must tread to fulfil the demands we agreed upon: freedom, social justice, human dignity and decent living.

Let’s put our love for the fatherland above any disputes or disagreements as we endeavor to honor popular will, as seen in the January 2011 Revolution. Our objective is the same: the overthrow of the treasonous fascist military regime, which gives the people nothing but doubled poverty, oppression and persecution; eliminates political life; and violated rights and freedoms in an unprecedented way.

There is no time for more debate; no time to revisit spaces of political conflict between us. Mistakes were made by all parties. We are at a time when the homeland’s interests and Egyptians’ rights transcend all else, and where every party respects the agendas and strategies of all other parties who stand steadfast to rescue and defend the homeland.

We are not giving up our just demands of the people or the rights of the martyrs – all martyrs. We demand fair and prompt transitional justice processes urgently. We demand rapid action to solve crises of poverty, oppression and persecution. We must complete the January (2011) Revolution in which we, the Egyptians, ousted authoritarian Mubarak, in order to achieve social justice and dignified living.

The Alliance calls on all Egyptians to assume their responsibility in the defense of Egypt’s sovereignty over every inch of its territory until the day when Egypt truly belongs to Egyptians, and state institutions endeavor in the service of Egyptians.

Victory for the Revolution

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – April 14, 2016