• April 21, 2016
  • 7 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Leave’ Mass Protest Wave

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Leave’ Mass Protest Wave

The patriotic people of Egypt rose in a great revolution in January 2011, followed by persistent powerful revolutionary waves, to save Egypt. This revolution was not defeated by the treasonous military coup that trampled popular will in July 2013.

Patriotic revolutionaries have been resisting that ruinous coup ever since, with mass demonstrations every day, and specially-focused mass marches every week, in all governorates across Egypt. They paid a heavy price, ending up in exile, in the grave, or in junta jails. They tasted the bitterness of unbearable ostracization, discrimination, persecution, and injustice.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance was at the forefront of demonstrations of persistent powerful protests rejecting the July 3, 2013 coup. It was never defeated by the ferocity of junta smear campaigns, arrests or prosecution.

Today, Egyptians’ rage is spreading fast, expressing rejection of the sale of pieces of the homeland by the corrupt military-appointed regime, which is making the poor even poorer, and whose brutal police feel free to callously kill the poor for the most trivial reasons.

The Alliance announces the launch of a revolutionary wave across Egypt under the title "Leave", within the extended protest phase that has been going on for more than two years and a half now, in a natural evolution imposed by the latest developments and circumstances, and by the serious atrocities committed against the homeland and the people.

The Alliance affirms that this revolutionary wave will only subside when Egypt is once again a safe abode for all Egyptians, with no sale of territories, and no insults or humiliation of citizens, no collapsed economy, divided society, or fascist regime.

Sisi’s illegitimate regime must go, in order for Egypt to survive – free, sovereign and independent. This military-appointed government must be ousted, in order for Egyptians to live free from brutal police, humiliation and poverty, and murderous injustice. The regime must go because of the sale of Egyptian sovereignty as in Tiran and Sanafir, because of its extrajudicial killing of Egyptians in cold blood, its treachery, its trampling of popular will, and the way it impoverished Egyptians.

The Alliance will not hesitate to honor calls to any non-violent actions that could achieve Egypt’s interests and progress and restore to Egyptians their dignity. The Alliance will participate with others, calling for unity of purpose and slogans, for setting aside differences, and for rejecting all racial discrimination and accounts-settling by any faction against any other. We should focus all our efforts to saving the homeland. We will chant together the slogan: "The people want to save the country".

We renew our call, here, for all the revolutionary and political youth groups to rise above differences, agree on a clear agenda, and study necessary partnership in the future, which we believe will be onto us soon, because the revolution train marches on, many will come aboard, and there is no time for theorizing or evoking a past in which all made mistakes.

We will not compromise on the rights of the martyrs, all martyrs; nor cede territories or give up popular will or legitimate protest. We will not tolerate any more games. And there is no more time for any differences. It is time for full and immediate revolutionary unity to force the traitorous Sisi regime to leave office.

The wave of popular anger "Leave" is certainly not aimed at sabotaging the homeland, but saving it. It will not take away any rights of Egyptians, but will support the demands of the poor, the oppressed and marginalized people and all segments of society. Do not be afraid when some say that the departure of Sisi will destroy the country. That is nothing but a scarecrow used by the thieves to defend the regime that destroyed everything and took away Egyptians’ rights, freedoms and dignity.

Our goal is the ouster of the illegitimate coup regime that sold Egyptian territories, killed the poor and the defenseless, and crushed the oppressed. We call on the world community, with all its free-thinking media outlets, to follow the legitimate popular rage rising throughout Egypt – of all political orientations, until the overthrow of this regime.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

The revolutionary wave – ‘Leave’

Cairo: Wednesday – April 20, 2016