• February 11, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement Calls ‘Revolt Against Murderous Putschists’ Friday

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement Calls ‘Revolt Against Murderous Putschists’ Friday

 Down with the rule of the murderers – those killers who hijacked our homeland, Egypt, and with their brutal killing machine murdered the homeland’s youth, not its enemies, and jubilantly celebrated on the morning after the horrid massacre.

Down with the rule of the murderers, who insulted Egypt and the Arab nation for a few dollars to achieve their own interests, ignoring the people’s demands.

Down with the rule of the murderers, whose leader Mubarak was toppled by revolutionaries in the January 25 Revolution, and whose Sisi will fall soon, as the Revolution moves forward against the illegitimate military coup that recent leaks have revealed the extent of its heinous nature.

The murderers’ rule will not last, no matter how many pleas, lies, misinformation, or junta-orchestrated explosions they make, and no matter how many innocent youths they kill.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance renew its pledge to continue the Revolution until the murderous military rule is ended. The Alliance calls on Egyptians to participate in a huge protest on the anniversary of Mubarak’s ouster tomorrow (Wednesday) in a three-day revolutionary wave, as a prelude to another revolutionary week that kicks off Friday under the title "Down with the rule of murderers".

Egypt’s revolutionary struggle will always belong to the oppressed, against the oppressors. In this, Egypt’s Revolution, the Ultras’ wrath is added to the youth’s chants and popular demands for justice, in all Egyptian streets and public squares.

They have one demand, one banner: "Down, down with military rule… Down, down with the rule of murderers".

The Revolution’s and the revolutionaries’ discourse will remain clear. They will not accept the rule of the murderers, nor a change of faces. The murderers will share the same fate, in a state where the Revolution is the law. The Revolution will not recognize nor participate in fraudulent elections and illegitimate parliaments whose decisions will inevitably be null and void. There is no retreat from the Revolution’s path. Honored are those who tread the path, holding Egypt’s freedom and dignity above all else.

Egypt’s revolutionaries, especially its youth, will not hesitate or cower no matter how repressive the junta’s actions are, whatever the ready trumped-up charges brought against them. They not abandon their Revolution; nor accept injustice. They will never adopt the corrupt cronies’ point-of-view; nor will they ever compromise on their homeland, legitimacy, their religion or their Revolution.

Certainly, the Revolution will triumph. Those who see that certainty as disturbing nightmares, tomorrow will see it become reality. Military rule will be ended. Freedoms and dignity will be reclaimed. Egypt’s national identity will be defended.

Retribution will be achieved, and justice established.

God save Egypt and the Egyptian people and the blood of their youth

Down with military rule

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Tuesday – February 10, 2015