• November 13, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Democracy Anti-Coup Alliance Calls Week of Protest in Prisons, Public Squares

Egypt Pro-Democracy Anti-Coup Alliance Calls Week of Protest in Prisons, Public Squares

 Egypt lives a difficult period today under the rule of the US-sponsored military junta. Egypt’s national security is at serious risk.

The people have fallen victim to the bloody-minded military coup which has doubled their poverty, spilled their blood and dealt repression, arbitrary arrest and detention across the homeland, with no fear of retribution. The junta has become a heavy burden on the homeland, its army and its future. The Camp David gang and its man in the presidential palace have done their worst, with sabotage, armed violence, terrorism, and selling off Egypt, its people and its wealth. Now, the worst crime in Egypt is love of the homeland, siding with the truth or even the possession of a novel.

We hear the thundering voice of the people in public squares, universities and villages, and the voice of those forcibly displaced in the Sinai, those tortured in detention, workers in the factories and the fields of Egypt, and we see the Egyptian people’s advancing steps toward salvation and retribution despite junta terror.

We hold everyone responsible for their revolutionary, national and religious duties, and we call for continuous revolutionary progress until all the objectives of the January 25 Revolution are achieved. We warn the coup commanders and collaborators that their scorched-earth approach will end up in their own destruction, and emphasize that Egypt’s army will inevitably return to its barracks and its sacred duties protecting the homeland’s borders, give up the murderous commanders, and correct its military doctrine.

To all the men and women of the patriotic Egyptian people…

This is a critical transformative stage for our homeland that requires courage, concerted efforts and persistent work against the criminal escalation of prison administrations and the despotic regime.

Let us launch a new week of revolutionary escalation starting Friday, under the slogan "Back to barracks". Let us ignite a huge protest in prisons and public squares, beginning from November 18, with the anniversary of rejecting the defeatist pro-junta "Selmi" document, the massacre of Mohamed Mahmoud street, and the Revolution’s martyrs.

Take charge of the situation on the ground with the one objective of achieving revolutionary progress. We warn the junta’s armed militias against any aggression.

Let us brace for November 18

The people want to topple the coup regime

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – November 12, 2014