• November 23, 2013

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Condemns Barbaric Attacks on Peaceful Protesters

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Condemns Barbaric Attacks on Peaceful Protesters

The July 3 coup commanders have not yet understood that the use of excessive violence against peaceful, unarmed demonstrators rejecting the general’s power-grab only increases the demonstrators’ steadfastness, persistence and insistence on their stance against the murderous military coup.

Continuing their barbaric approach with more vengeful attacks on peaceful marches opposing the military coup, Abdul-­Fattah Al-­Sisi and Mohamed Ibrahim’s militias attacked the rallies that turned out Friday to commemorate the passage of 100 days since the clearing of the peaceful sit-­ins at Rabaa Al-­Adaweya and Al-­Nahda squares.

The coup’s militias let loose a barrage of teargas, birdshot and live bullets, felling two martyrs, one of whom was the child Samir Ahmad Al­-Gamal, 10 years old, who was shot in the head while he stood next to his mother in Suez. Dozens were wounded, most of whom are in critical condition due to serious bullet wounds in the chest and neck.

The militias also made use of heavily armed thugs in dispersing peaceful demonstrations, randomly arresting large numbers of demonstrators and pursuing them in side streets in Nasr City, Al-Nuzha, Al-­Matareya, Shubra, Al-­Haram, Al­-Imraniya, 6th of October and Suez.

In a scene that pains every free person, exposes the true face of the coup organizers, gives meaning to the statement by coup leader Abdul­-Fattah Al-­Sisi in one of his speeches "We support anything that angers Allah", and evokes the scene of army soldiers dragging the girl in Tahrir during the events of Mohamed Mahmoud Street, the militias of Al-­Sisi and his interior minister dragged a female demonstrator called Um-­Mariam wearing a Niqab (full veil), tearing off all her head covers. When 5 young men tried to rescue her, the militias dragged them too, and abducted all of them, taking them in a military armored vehicle. Also, in Kafr El-­Sheikh, a vehicle ran over three demonstrators participating in one of the peaceful marches rejecting the military coup.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance presents its sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the martyrs, asking God to accept them and to inspire their families with patience and solace. The Alliance also prays for a quick and full recovery for all the wounded.

The Alliance further places criminal responsibility for all these events on Abdul­-Fattah Al-­Sisi and his interior minister. The Alliance also affirms that the noble blood of peaceful protesters will curse the coup commanders and all those who assist or support them.

The Alliance urges the Egyptian people to continue their peaceful struggle to bring down the heinous coup and wipe it out completely. The Alliance also urges all free people of the world to demonstrate this coming Sunday in peaceful marches in Egypt and around the world, commemorating the passage of 100 days since the violent clearing of the sit­-ins at Rabaa and ­Nahda squares, under the banner "We Are All Rabaa".

The Revolution continues…

The Anti-­Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo, November 22, 2013