• December 1, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Commemorates 2012 Constitution Delivery to President Morsi

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Commemorates 2012 Constitution Delivery to President Morsi

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls rallies to commemorate the first anniversary of the 2012 Constitution delivery to elected President Mohamed Morsi, currently kidnapped by the military junta. On December 1, 2012, by the Constituent Assembly elected then to draft the nation’s most important document handed President Morsi a copy of the amended national charter.

The National Alliance calls on the patriotic revolutionary Egyptian people to mark this memorable occasion in their peaceful protest activities under the title "Coup Document Void. We Will Reinstate Our Constitution".

This comes within the framework of "Women are the Soul of the Revolution" week of protest activities rising up in all liberty squares across Egypt, and to reject the farce led by an individual who used to represent Mubarak top officials in the last presidential election, in an illegitimate military-appointed committee to amend the constitution, aiming to produce a constitution for the junta only. Their so-called ‘national’ charter is nothing but a ‘black’ document made ​​in the dark shadows against the January 25 Revolution and the masses of the Egyptian people’s will and certainly against the people’s rights. It nationalizes this homeland for the benefit of the junta.

The latest leaked remarks by the military coup commander prove that he was working, from the first day he took charge of the defense ministry, to demolish or undermine all the gains of the January 25 Revolution, continuing the demolition work started by the Military Council (SCAF)’s General Tantawi (Parliament, President and Constitution). Indeed, they demolished all those completely in favor of the enemies of the Revolution.