• November 30, 2013
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘Women are Soul of the Revolution’ Week

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘Women are Soul of the Revolution’ Week

Patriotic Egyptian people continued the revolutionary march to bring down the murderous military coup in the "Retribution is Coming" million-man march, marking a hundred days since the horrid Abu-Zaabal Prison atrocity by coup security forces that tortured and burnt political detainees in a police van, after vanity blinded those involved in the murder and extermination of Egyptians, those who believe their own lies and delusions and have the audacity to repeat their threats to the Egyptian people.

The great masses of protesters who came out in majestic millions in all liberty squares across Egypt have proven they are stronger that the torturers and the killers who are being chased in international courts of justice.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance truly values this legendary steadfastness, and denounces coup forces and security officers in civilian clothes targeting peaceful protesters in Friday’s demonstrations and rallies in all parts of the country, in addition to the arbitrary arrest of dozens and the burning of Talibeya police station. The Alliance assures that the putschists are wasting their time and that the Revolution continues to confuse them and cause them lose their balance.

The Alliance deeply appreciates the brave participation of Egyptian women – in great numbers – in all protest events, to continue the Revolution’s march, and to write their names in the most glittering and glorious pages of Egypt’s history, forcing half-men to retreat. For Egyptian women have always been – and still remain – the heart and soul of the Revolution, and the unmistakable crown of all protest events. Indeed, they have taught the putschists one lesson after another, as they encourage revolutionary men and youths to tread the path of the Revolution until they achieve victory.

Egyptian youths – especially students – have been the powerhouse of all activities in liberty squares across the nation, and the beating heart of the Revolution, strongly contributing to the Revolution, driving it forth to achieve its full objectives, so the message should be clear after the suppression of universities and the murder of student Mohamed Reda – the anti-protest law martyr – Thursday at the vulturous hands of coup security forces inside the campus of the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University. Indeed, the peaceful struggle of young people in the universities and their escalating strike is a source of pride.

The Alliance appreciates the demands of these millions, as the Revolution escalates and expands, spreading to new sectors of the society, and as certain companions of January 25 correct their outlook and organize days of anger promoting endeavoring for a decisive victory for the Revolution.

The Alliance pledges to God and the great Egyptian people that it will continue to escalate revolutionary action, and announces a new phase of the glorious Revolution to end brutal coup terror using every peaceful revolutionary and innovative method or means available.

To all free patriotic men and women across Egypt:

The Alliance calls upon you to participate positively in "Women are the Soul of the Revolution" week of protests, to kick off this new stage of the Revolution, and as a tribute to Egyptian women’s steadfast persistence. They fought under the slogan "Revolution is not by notification" as they continued to reject the authority of the coup and its laws. The beginning will see unique activities under the title "Egypt’s Women are Stronger" tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:00 in solidarity with the 7AM women’s movement.

The Alliance, together with families of martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners, expects all to commit to the civilized, dignified and peaceful nature of protest activities in all squares, universities, and everywhere. We also expect new tactics and innovations to lay siege to the military coup. Noting that public anger has spread to all sectors of society, we must activate all forms of civil disobedience. We will be raising high the flags of Egypt and posters of Rabaa defiance sign, as well as pictures of the martyrs and Egypt’s sons and daughters suffering in jail.

The moment of truth is approaching fast, God willing.

Then, the unjust oppressors will see what destiny they will ultimately meet.

Close ranks and get ready: the end is well within sight.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Nov 29, 2013