• August 17, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: Reign of Terror Will End Soon

Egypt Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: Reign of Terror Will End Soon
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement Saturday:

A whole year of bloody repression has passed since the horrific massacre in Ramses Square. A black year has passed since Fateh Mosque minarets were muzzled, with a military junta ban on the call to prayer, following coup forces’ murderous siege around it. Until now, that mosque’s imam is in detention – without guilt or fault, waiting for freedom, just like thousands of innocent oppressed detainees suffering military junta injustice.

We still remember millions of Egyptians in huge demonstrations everywhere across the country. The people said it loud and clear, rejecting the bloody massacres in Rabaa and Nahda squares. Then, rather than siding with the people as the junta alleged, coup security forces and heinous militias shot unarmed citizens with live bullets, especially in Ramses Square, in inhuman cold-blooded attacks with the deadliest weapons, including helicopters.

Rabaa, Nahda, Ramses and the Abu-Zaabal van massacres, as well as many other similar mass-murder atrocities by the military junta, were never a one-day memory or event. That is why revolutionaries are out there for the third day running – true to their pledge to the martyrs, detainees and the missing victims of those atrocities, continuing their revolutionary activities strongly, in a powerful beginning to the end of the coup, the fall of the repressive junta. Then, fair and prompt retribution will follow, to be exacted from all those involved in the massacres executed by junta forces since January 25 (2011) until now.

Indeed, justice must be done, especially as serious signs indicate that the junta’s puppet judiciary are getting all set to acquit, even exonerate, ousted Mubarak and his gang of murderous top officials, and soon the picture of the coup will be complete, its real objectives clearly evident.

The revolutionary wave continues, driven by popular momentum that glows with sparkling ingenuity of youth, students and the prudent participation of Egyptian women and girls. Despite fascist coup terror, the popular resistance moves forcefully forward without abandoning its established principles, committed to its peaceful path and the right of self-defense.

The Revolution gains more ground, every day, and new supporters, as everyone who seeks freedom, retribution and a dignified life join the revolutionary wave. Many citizens are shedding the robe of fear and despair, to join the peaceful protest movement.

The National Alliance appreciates the many new successes of the revolutionary movement on the path towards achieving the real full success of the Revolution, and confirms that the voice of the people is clear and its demands evident, and that those who have their fingers in their ears, play deaf and imagine it is possible to rule over the people of Egypt by sheer force, through the spilling of blood, through military junta fear and terror, are decidedly deluded. The Revolution will certainly triumph, and the people will certainly bring to trial all those involved in the horrific atrocities inflicted on this homeland’s citizens.

The streets are ours… Retribution is our demand… Freedom is our goal.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Saturday – August 16, 2014