Egypt-Qatar Summit in Cairo Saturday Evening

Egypt-Qatar Summit in Cairo Saturday Evening

An Egypt-Qatar summit is to be held this evening in Cairo, where the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi will receive the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who is on a one-day visit to Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Yasser Ali, Spokesman for the Presidency, affirmed that the purpose of this visit, as announced by the Emir of Qatar, is to extend Qatari congratulations to President Morsi on his election as President of the Republic.

"The summit will discuss relations between the two countries in all fields, including Qatari support for the Egyptian economy during the coming period, as well as attracting and increasing Arab investments in general and Qatari investment in particular. It will also discuss increasing the number of Egyptians working in Qatar, especially after the political stability witnessed in Egypt with the election of President Morsi.

"The issue of Egyptians working in Qatar is one of the most important topics on the agenda. Indeed, issues pertaining to Egyptians abroad are ever at the top of the President’s priority list."

Dr. Yasser Ali further affirmed that the Egyptian President is always keen to meet with Egyptian expatriates, pointing that Morsi met with Egyptians in Saudi Arabia and Addis Ababa during his recent visits to these countries.

"The two leaders will discuss Arab, regional and international issues of common interest and coordinate discourses in international forums. President Morsi will then hold an Iftar reception for the Emir of Qatar and the diplomatic delegation accompanying him, later this evening."

With regard to rumors alleging that Egypt will grant Qatar the right to use and run the Suez Canal, the spokesman for the Presidency said, "This is simply a completely absurd idea, proposed only by delirious dreamers who belittle the sacrifices the Egyptian people made in order to rebuild and rejuvenate their homeland."