Egypt rejects US interference

Egypt rejects US interference


 A statement issued by Egypt’s Foreign Ministry condemned the United States interference in its affairs after Washington called for foreign monitors in this month’s parliamentary elections and met with a group pressing for reforms. The statement stressed that recent stances taken by the administration regarding Egypt’s domestic affairs is something that is absolutely unacceptable.

Egypt did not appreciate the meeting this month between US President Barrack Obama’s national security advisors and a group of US foreign policy analysts who urged reforms in Egypt. The statement described the bi-partisan group as wanting to spread chaos in the Middle East.

According to the group past elections in Egypt have been marred by violence and irregularities prompting the US State department to call on Egypt to hold free elections and allow international supervisors to oversee the polls.

Egyptian rights groups have reported that the vote has already been compromised by the arrests of hundreds of opposition activists especially those supporting to and belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

An unofficial source was quoted as stressing that the Americans continued to disrespect the privacy of Egyptian society provoking Egyptian national feelings. He slammed the interference claiming that the United States has turned into a caretaker of how Egyptian society should conduct its own politics describing those who interfere as deluded. He added that both countries should reciprocate respect if their relations were to continue amiably.